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Rent, Lease or Buy Modular Buildings in Rhode Island

Mobile Modular offers comprehensive modular buildings plus additional solutions in Rhode Island:
Lease or Purchase Modular Buildings in Rhode Island

Lease or Purchase Modular Buildings in Rhode Island

With over 40 years of trusted service, Mobile Modular is recognized as a leader in modular construction. We provide cost-effective solutions for commercial, education, medical, religious, and government use. We’re proud to serve Rhode Island and allow organizations to increase their space quickly with cost-effective solutions.

All our temporary and permanent modular buildings in Rhode Island meet state codes and building requirements. Contact us to get a quote today and see how our solutions can serve you!

Modular Buildings in Rhode Island

  • Education

  • Construction

  • Medical

  • Government

  • Manufacturing

  • Industrial

  • Retail

  • Disaster & Emergency Response

  • Religious Organizations

  • Food Service


Modular buildings are a cost-effective way to rebuild or expand public school buildings. With modular construction, there is also ample opportunity to expand space at colleges and universities. Modular classrooms are a cost-effective way to accommodate a growing school’s campus. Our modular buildings can also be used to create registrar offices, libraries, study rooms, laboratories, guidance counselor offices, student art galleries, and much more.
Education Exterior Education Interior
Building Types Available


Modular construction trailers can be used on Rhode Island job sites as a secure place to store tools and equipment overnight, keep documents and permits, and plan out construction projects. The building can be conveniently removed and relocated to a new site once the project is finished.
Construction Exterior Construction Interior
Building Types Available


Modular buildings can be used to add extra space for hospital buildings, clinics, doctors’ offices, and more. For example, aspiring dentists looking to open a new practice can open their practice more quickly with modular building construction. The efficiency of modular construction means that the process is faster than that of traditional buildings.
Medical Exterior Medical Interior
Building Types Available
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Satellite Clinics
  • Laboratory Buildings
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Treatment Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Custom Modular Buildings


As a coastal state, Rhode Island is a prime location for Coast Guard and naval bases. Military bases, such as the Rhode Island Army National Guard, the US Coast Guard Station of Castle Hill, and the Naval Station of Newport, can use modular buildings as secure places to work and store confidential government documents. Barracks made with our modular building techniques can make military members feel more at home.
Government Exterior Government Interior
Building Types Available


Modular office complexes can be customized to fit the manufacturing industry need, with options like flexible office space, meeting rooms, staff lounge area, and individual cubicles.
Manufacturing Exterior Manufacturing Interior
Building Types Available


With the move to hybrid office culture, it’s important to keep construction costs low for industrial office space. The low-cost alternative of modular offices is the perfect solution. Add in-plant offices, break rooms, cafeterias, and more without breaking the bank.
Industrial Exterior Industrial Interior
Building Types Available


There’s something about a quaint little coastal town eatery that everyone loves to visit. Restaurants and food service businesses are Rhode Island’s most popular contributors to the retail industry. Modular building retail space saves money on rental expenses in a notoriously competitive industry. When you want to create your next seaside retail location, choose Mobile Modular.
Retail Exterior Retail Interior
Building Types Available
  • Sales Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Drive Thru Cafes
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Showrooms
  • Custom Modular Buildings
  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Offices

Disaster & Emergency Response

Hurricanes and winter storms are Rhode Island’s most prominent natural disasters. Emergencies like floods, power outages, tropical storms, and winter storms call for modular restrooms, dining halls, and temporary school buildings while damaged buildings are rebuilt.
In the middle of the aftermath of a natural disaster, emergency response workers need a swing space to work in. Our modular buildings can be utilized by natural disaster response workers as a temporary solution for relief and recovery efforts.
Disaster & Emergency Response Exterior Disaster & Emergency Response Interior
Building Types Available

Religious Organizations

Mobile Modular offers new and custom modular religious buildings, including offices, daycare centers, and dining halls.
Religious Organizations Exterior Religious Organizations Interior
Building Types Available

Food Service

Modular kitchens, dining, and ancillary support facilities provide flexibility and mobility, which allows Rhode Island food service providers to continue or expand their operations during renovations or construction. We provide temporary and permanent food service facilities for all major industries, including education, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, and more.

Get Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons for Your Modular Buildings

Mobile Modular Plus is a full-service solution that provides everything you need to complete your modular building. We offer the accessories, add-ons, and site-related services you need to complete your modular workspace and use it immediately.

Contact us today to request a quote for your modular building accessories.

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Get Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons for Your Modular Buildings

Mobile Modular Plus is a full-service solution that provides everything you need to complete your modular building. We offer the accessories, add-ons, and site-related services you need to complete your modular workspace and use it immediately.

Contact us today to request a quote for your modular building accessories.

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Why Choose Mobile Modular?

Streamlined Process

Streamlined Process

We offer a quick quoting process and 24-hour turnaround for modular buildings.

In-House Expertise

In-House Expertise

Our in-house technicians are experts in installing modular buildings of all types.

Proven Experience

Proven Experience

We have over 40 years of experience working on projects across multiple industries.

Modular Buildings Made for Rhode Island

Built to Last in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is no stranger to those bitter New England winter storms. Our modular buildings are energy efficient and well-insulated from the elements. When torrential blizzards come to your door, you don’t have to worry about the cold seeping in—and you can rest easy, knowing you’re saving on heating costs.

Rural & Urban Modular Buildings

Whether you need a building for a rural area or an urban city in Rhode Island, Mobile Modular has options in our inventory that will be suited to your style preferences. Upscale office buildings can be created for metropolitan zones, as well as buildings with modest suburban roofing for quaint coastal towns.

Quick-Deploy Buildings for Disaster Response

During times of disaster, residents need places to work and seek resources amidst all the havoc. Temporary bathrooms, workstations, and food banks can be created using modular buildings.

Rhode Island Licensing & Regulations for Modular Construction

Rhode Island’s building code has specific regulations for modular construction that building companies must adhere to. When you purchase or lease a modular building with Mobile Modular, you are guaranteed a building that is up-to-date on certifications and licensing with construction that meets the requirements of your state.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Case Studies Near Rhode Island

Community College Driving Training Facility

Community College Driving Training Facility

Mobile Modular Created a Classroom Space for a Higher Education Program

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University of Richmond
Education Dorms & Workforce Housings Disaster Emergency Response

Modular Housing During COVID-19

Mobile Modular Provided a University with Modular Housing During COVID-19

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Staff Facility for Seniors
Medical Specialty

Staff Facility for Seniors

Mobile Modular Provided a New Building Blended Into the Surrounding Area

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between used, leased, and rented modular buildings in Rhode Island?

Mobile Modular offers buildings for both lease and purchase. Leased modular buildings are temporary and must be returned at a predetermined date, making them suitable for shorter-term needs. Purchasing modular buildings in Rhode Island provides a permanent solution, while our rent-to-own option allows for a gradual ownership transition, catering to businesses seeking flexibility in Rhode Island’s market.

What’s the difference between portable, prefabricated, and modular buildings in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, it's essential to differentiate between portable, prefabricated, and modular buildings. Portable buildings are designed for easy mobility and self-contained functionality, making them ideal for various temporary needs. Prefabricated buildings are constructed off-site in a controlled factory environment, reducing weather-related delays and site costs, which is especially advantageous in Rhode Island’s variable climate.

Modular buildings in Rhode Island are akin to prefabricated structures but are typically assembled in larger modules, allowing for almost complete construction off-site. They can be efficiently transported and adhered to concrete or ABS pad foundations, making them versatile and suitable for a range of Rhode Island applications.

What is a modular trailer in Rhode Island?

A modular trailer in Rhode Island is a pre-built temporary structure suitable for various short-term purposes, such as on construction sites as offices. These modular trailers are specifically designed for flexibility and rapid deployment, catering to the unique space needs of Rhode Island, especially in industries like construction where mobility and quick setup are essential.

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