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Modular Industrial Building Solutions

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Modular Building Solutions for the Industrial Sector

Lease, rent, or buy modular site offices and a range of modular buildings that can be used as temporary or permanent structures for organizations in the industrial industry. With locations nationwide, modular offices and buildings can be shipped and installed in your location. Our modular buildings are available for purchase, extended leases, or short-term rentals, allowing you to utilize them for the time frame that works best for you.

Why Choose Modular Industrial Buildings?

Industrial modular buildings offer a faster, more convenient solution to your needs for space.

Modular buildings and field office trailers ensure your employees have access to the resources they need, providing convenience throughout every step of your company’s production process.

Applications of Modular Industrial Buildings

Modular Break Rooms

Modular break rooms can provide industrial workers with a place to eat meals. In addition, modular restroom buildings offer the facilities they need to do their best work. Both of these solutions are essential for providing safe and adequate working conditions for all employees involved in the industrial production process.

Modular Sales Offices

Mobile Modular offers cost-effective, rapidly deployable sales offices for growing businesses. These portable, fully-equipped offices provide a flexible solution, adapting to evolving site requirements and expanding sales teams.

Modular Office Trailers

Modular office trailers are ideal for industries requiring field offices, offering a swift, secure, and efficient space solution.

Industrial Portable Product Lines


Mobile Modular’s single-wide offices are the perfect solution for site offices in any industry.


Double-wide modular site offices provide extra space for administrative work at a budget-friendly price.

Complexes (Multi)

For companies with large in-office teams, a modular office complex can be an affordable, practical solution.

Custom Solutions

Customize your modular building exactly the way you want it with our Custom Modular Solutions.

*Product availability may vary by region and is subject to change without notice. Please check our live inventory or request a quote for available products in your region.

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Rent, Lease or Purchase Modular Construction Building Solutions

Rent, Lease or Purchase Industrial Modular Building Solutions

Our specialists will collaborate with you to find the ideal rental, leasing, or buying solution fitting your budget and timing needs. We provide various financing and purchase options, ensuring a swift start with your modular structure!

Once you begin your journey with us, access our Customer Hub to effortlessly manage your account online anytime. This is yet another method we streamline the experience for our clients.

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Flexible Options for Your Industrial Modular Buildings

Modular industrial buildings are available to be purchased or leased. Our new and refurbished modular offices and buildings are readily available for temporary or permanent use.

Temporary Solutions

For industrial construction projects with tight schedules, our temporary modular buildings are a perfect fit. They offer a convenient space for your team during the build. We provide modular offices and break rooms, ready for delivery across the country, ensuring your project stays on track without missing a beat.


Get the space you need for a temporary project when you choose to rent or lease your industrial modular building from Mobile Modular.

Permanent Solutions

While temporary structures are commonly utilized for industrial field offices, Mobile Modular also provides permanent options. You can choose from standard floorplans or these trailers can be customized to suit the needs of your business.

Buying New

Completely customize your modular construction trailer when you choose a new unit.

Purchasing Used

Need a budget-friendly space solution? Consider purchasing a pre-owned modular building.

Mobile Modular excels in providing top-tier, adaptable modular solutions for the industrial industry. Our focus on tailor-made, high-quality options and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees the finest solutions for your industrial projects.

Complete Your Workspace with Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons

With Mobile Modular Plus, you can fully furnish your modular offices and industrial buildings with desks, restrooms, water tanks, office seating, and more.

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Complete Your Workspace with Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons

With Mobile Modular Plus, you can fully furnish your modular offices and industrial buildings with desks, restrooms, water tanks, office seating, and more.

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Comprehensive Site Solutions

Comprehensive Industrial Site Solutions

Mobile Modular provides everything you need to complete your next project. From plans to plumbing to project completion, we are the single source of your modular building needs.

We focus on the details so you can focus on your business!

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Mobile Modular delivers innovative, flexible modular space.

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3D Modular Building Visualizer Tool

3D Modular Building Visualizer Tool

You can now visualize your own floor plan and select layouts, offices, and accessories to create a 3D building design online. Try our modular building 3D visualizer.

Why Choose Mobile Modular?

Speedy Construction
Speedy Construction

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Find out if the modular building you need is available to order today.

Product guides

Product Guides

Access our complete product guides, tailored to your region.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of modular industrial buildings?

Businesses in the industrial sector need buildings that can be built as quickly as they need them. Modular buildings can be delivered within a matter of days, rather than weeks or months.

Since they are also available in both new and previously owned options, modular buildings are more affordable than traditional commercial buildings. They can also have better energy efficiency and are great as both temporary and permanent space solutions.

Can industrial modular buildings be customized?

Industrial modular buildings can be customized to fit your organization’s unique needs. Whether you need a custom modular building for your assembly line, an extra-large storage facility, or another solution for your business, we may be able to help.

Product availability may vary by region and is subject to change without notice. Please check our live inventory or request a quote for available products in your region.

How safe are modular industrial buildings?

Modular industrial buildings are very safe and can be used in the most extreme environments. Mobile Modular also offers DropBox™ blast-resistant modular buildings to keep workers safe.

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