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Mobile Modular is the premier, nationwide supplier for custom modular education solutions.

Custom Modular Classrooms & School Buildings

Mobile Modular proudly supplies turnkey, custom modular classrooms and school buildings nationwide. Modular buildings are installed more quickly than site-built projects. Custom modular education buildings are ideal due to their price point and ability to match current campus aesthetics. With Mobile Modular, you’re getting a space solution tailored to your specific educational needs.

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Building Types Available



Administrative Offices

Restroom Facilities


Locker Rooms

Full Range of Building Types Available :

  • Classrooms
  • Complexes
  • Cafeterias
  • Gyms
  • Computer & Science Labs
  • Libraries
  • Multi-story
  • Administrative Offices
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Dormitories
  • Locker Rooms

Modular School Case Studies

Nature Walk Montessori School

Permanent Montessori Education Facility

Mobile Modular Provided a Permanent Space for Montessori Learning of All Ages

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Modular Middle School Campus

Modular Middle School Campus

Mobile Modular Created an Educational Campus to Meet Enrollment Demands

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Education Facility


Mobile Modular Provided a Cost-Effective Solution for an Education Facility

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Why Choose Custom Modular Classrooms & School Buildings?

Customizing your modular classroom allows your school to serve your students and all their needs as precisely as possible. Custom modular classrooms can be fabricated offsite and delivered to the school’s location for a permanent solution that causes limited disruption.

When you choose custom modular classrooms from Mobile Modular, we make financing easy. You can purchase your permanent, custom structures outright, or obtain them through a finance lease.

CMS Benefits

Custom Modular Classrooms to Meet Your Needs

Single Classroom
Single Classroom

Customize our standard single classrooms to get exactly the learning space your students need.

Art classroom

With a custom modular art classroom, we can create a space suited for sinks to rinse off brushes and hands, storage closets to hold supplies, and a safe space for a kiln.

Music classroom

If you need a custom music classroom, Mobile Modular can arrange a space that will hold choir risers, instrument storage, and much more.

Religious classroom

Single classrooms are a great option for churches or other religious organizations looking to increase space for weekly instruction.

Double Classroom
Double Classroom

A custom double classroom is great for housing two separate classes, a library, administrative offices, or whatever else your school needs.

Modular science lab

Custom modular science labs can give you the necessary space for lab tables, storage closets, emergency eyewash stations, and more.

Student learning centers

Customize your double classroom for larger forms of student support, such as a library, computer lab, or advisory center.

Vocational training

Custom double classrooms can easily accommodate small class sizes or large groups of new employees for on-the-job training.

Multi Classroom

Our custom multi-classrooms can be used to create sprawling campuses and large centers of learning for a variety of organizations.

Campus expansions

Need a new wing for your school campus? Custom multi-classrooms are the ideal space solution for large expansions. They can be stand-alone buildings or connected to existing facilities.

Instructional spaces

Dedicate part of your manufacturing plant or commercial office complex to continual training and instruction with our custom multi-classrooms.

Plus Add-On Solutions

Mobile Modular Plus is a full-service solution providing everything you need to complete your modular building. Shop our wide range of turnkey solutions. From furniture to site services to accessories, we provide everything you need for your custom modular building.


Plus Add-On Solutions

Mobile Modular Plus is a full-service solution providing everything you need to complete your modular building. Shop our wide range of turnkey solutions. From furniture to site services to accessories, we provide everything you need for your custom modular building.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In addition to potential cost and time savings, what are the other benefits of permanent modular construction (PMC)?

SAFETY: PMC building modules are constructed in a manufacturing environment and benefit from the use of controlled processes, a broad range of material handling equipment, and environmental conditions not afforded to conventional site-built construction.

QUALITY: PMC manufacturers employ Quality Control Departments and utilize Quality Checklists to inspect the buildings throughout every stage of the manufacturing process. These QC Departments are in addition to the independent third-party inspection agencies, mandated by various code-governing bodies, who perform regular inspections of the buildings while on the manufacturing assembly line. Additionally, PMC manufacturers have a lower employee turnover rate when compared to conventional contractors. A stable workforce performing similar tasks on a daily basis provides for inherently higher quality.

SCHEDULE CERTAINTY: PMC is not subjected to as many potential weather delays as conventional construction due to the indoor manufacturing environment in which the modules are constructed.

LESS SITE DISTURBANCE: A typical PMC project sees between 60–95% of the building completed offsite at the manufacturing facility. This has a direct impact on the reduction in onsite construction activity, equipment, workforce, material deliveries, and noise levels.

How much is Mobile Modular involved in the scope of work for a PMC project?

Mobile Modular’s PMC Team can provide a complete turnkey project, including design and engineering services. We work with the client to determine the best fit for their unique project needs and provide as much, or as little, of the scope of services as deemed necessary.

Does permanent modular construction meet the same building codes as conventional construction?

Yes, PMC must abide by the same building codes. This is typically the International Building Code (IBC).

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