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Rent, Lease or Buy Modular Buildings in the Caribbean

Mobile Modular offers comprehensive modular buildings plus additional solutions in the Caribbean:
Lease or Purchase Modular Buildings in the Caribbean

Lease or Purchase Modular Buildings in the Caribbean

With over 40 years of exceptional service, Mobile Modular is committed to providing high-quality modular buildings throughout the Caribbean. We provide cost-effective solutions for commercial, education, medical, religious, and government use.

You’ll find our team of experts across key locations throughout the Caribbean islands. Contact us today to get started.

Industries We Serve


Our custom modular education solutions are specialized to meet your budget and serve your students and their needs as precisely as possible. Custom modular classrooms can be fabricated offsite and delivered to the school’s location for a permanent solution that causes limited disruption. With experts throughout the U.S., we work closely with you every step of the way to design a modular classroom building that meets all applicable state building codes and matches your current campus.


Our custom, commercial modular solutions are ideal for a wide range of applications. With design and site-related services readily available, we ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction. From custom finishes to floor plans, our custom modular office buildings are made with the same quality and style as traditional office buildings and can complement existing properties for a seamless addition.


Our easily customizable, budget-friendly solutions are ready for the varied and highly specialized requirements of local, state, and federal government agencies. Our comprehensive project management expertise extends throughout the lifespan of your project to provide turnkey facilities that meet your unique needs.


Modular healthcare buildings are proving to be a life-saving option for many healthcare institutions that need fast, cost-effective solutions. Our modular building solutions are ideal for critical situations, from post-disaster relief centers to hospital administrative space to patient overflow to medical supply storage. We deliver high-quality modular healthcare facilities with custom options to fit hospital and clinic specifications.


Here’s where custom modular buildings really show their versatility. Because they are built offsite, modular buildings give workforce housing business owners a rapid-to-market timeline, quicker profits, and a look that’s cutting-edge and truly modern. Whether your workforce housing industry project is large or small, custom modular buildings are poised to transform the industry businesses.

Niche Offerings

If you’re looking for a custom modular building that is even more specific to your organization’s unique needs, check out our niche offerings. We offer specialty buildings for religious organizations, retail businesses, food service providers, and more.

Why Choose Mobile Modular?

Streamlined Process

Streamlined Process

We offer a quick quoting process and 24-hour turnaround for modular buildings.

In-House Expertise

In-House Expertise

Our in-house technicians are experts in installing modular buildings of all types.

Proven Experience

Proven Experience

We have over 40 years of experience working on projects across multiple industries.

Modular Buildings Made for the Caribbean

Built to Last in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean, the climate oscillates between intensely hot summers and heavy rainy seasons. Equipped with HVAC systems, modular buildings offer relief from the extreme heat. Their off-site, climate-controlled manufacturing process significantly reduces weather-related construction delays, making modular construction a reliable choice in these regions.

What’s the Difference Between Remote Site Modular Buildings Vs. Traditional Construction

Choosing modular construction over traditional construction comes with a few perks. Modular buildings are more eco-friendly, being built off-site in factories. With traditional construction, there’s always the possibility for debris to pollute the air and run off into nearby water sources.

Choosing a modular building means all you have to do is choose the type you’re looking for and it will be delivered right to your site, no matter where you are. With traditional construction, it would take much more time to have a building built on site.

Caribbean Licensing & Regulations for Modular Construction

Mobile Modular is well-versed in the requirements and regulations for building on Caribbean islands. If you have questions about what’s required for your Caribbean construction project, Mobile Modular can help.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Case Studies Near Caribbean Islands

Decco Restrooms
Specialty Remote Location Commercial

Decco Restrooms

Mobile Modular Designed and Delivered Restrooms to the Cayman Islands

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Modular Luxury Resort Villas
Dorms & Workforce Housings Remote Location Disaster Emergency Response

Modular Luxury Resort Villas

Mobile Modular Created Permanent Luxury Villas for a World-Class Resort

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Caribbean Refinery Project
Dorms & Workforce Housings Remote Location

Caribbean Refinery Project

Mobile Modular Relocated 489 Modular Buildings from Saskatchewan to the Caribbean

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between used, leased, and rented modular buildings in Caribbean?

Mobile Modular offers buildings for both lease and purchase. Leased modular buildings are temporary and must be returned at a predetermined date, making them suitable for shorter-term needs. Purchasing modular buildings in Caribbean provides a permanent solution, while our rent-to-own option allows for a gradual ownership transition, catering to businesses seeking flexibility in Caribbean’s market.

What’s the difference between portable, prefabricated, and modular buildings in the Caribbean?

In the Caribbean, it's essential to differentiate between portable, prefabricated, and modular buildings. Portable buildings are designed for easy mobility and self-contained functionality, making them ideal for various temporary needs. Prefabricated buildings are constructed off-site in a controlled factory environment, reducing weather-related delays and site costs, which is especially advantageous in the Caribbean’s variable climate.

Modular buildings in the Caribbean are akin to prefabricated structures but are typically assembled in larger modules, allowing for almost complete construction off-site. They can be efficiently transported and adhered to concrete or ABS pad foundations, making them versatile and suitable for a range of Caribbean applications.

What is a modular trailer in Caribbean?

A modular trailer in Caribbean is a pre-built temporary structure suitable for various short-term purposes, such as on construction sites as offices. These modular trailers are specifically designed for flexibility and rapid deployment, catering to the unique space needs of Caribbean, especially in industries like construction, where mobility and quick setup are essential.

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