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We’re proud to offer services to cities throughout the state, including:

Theodore, AL
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Lease or Purchase Modular Buildings in Alabama

Lease or Purchase Modular Buildings in Alabama

Mobile Modular provides Alabama schools, construction companies, and religious organizations with additional space by offering high-quality modular buildings for rent or purchase. Our extensive fleet includes both new and pre-owned structures to choose from.

Mobile Modular offers personalized solutions tailored specifically to each of its customers' individual needs, with flexible and standard floor plans available throughout the state. We specialize in temporary or permanent extra space solutions. Contact us today; we are readily available to assist you with your modular building needs.

Modular Buildings in Alabama

  • Education

  • Construction

  • Medical

  • Government

  • Manufacturing

  • Industrial

  • Retail

  • Disaster & Emergency Response

  • Religious Organizations

  • Food Service


Alabama boasts a substantial number of public schools, providing educational services to a large student body across the state. In recent years, it has gained recognition as a top destination for relocation. Mobile Modular is well-equipped to support the educational sector in this growth, offering a variety of mobile classrooms and modular building solutions. These options are tailored to meet the specific needs of districts, ensuring that they have access to high-quality, flexible spaces for learning, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.
Education Exterior Education Interior
Building Types Available


Rural job growth in Alabama has been on the rise. To meet the demand for temporary workspaces at these new job sites across the state, Alabama requires versatile and durable modular solutions. Mobile Modular delivers high-quality modular jobsite trailers that provide secure and functional work environments for the entirety of a project. Our trailers can be easily transported and set up, giving rural Alabama employers affordable and flexible workspace options.
Construction Exterior Construction Interior
Building Types Available


Mobile Modular provides indispensable solutions to the medical industry in Alabama. We provide a wide range of modular solutions, from clinics, exam rooms, and imaging facilities to offices. For organizations in need of swift access to temporary hospital offices, medical labs, or additional clinical facilities, Mobile Modular stands as a dependable partner, ready to assist at a moment's notice. Whether it's enhancing clinic capacities, creating state-of-the-art exam rooms, or facilitating the expansion of critical imaging facilities, we offer flexible and efficient solutions for the medical industry.
Medical Exterior Medical Interior
Building Types Available
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Satellite Clinics
  • Laboratory Buildings
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Treatment Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Custom Modular Buildings

Government & Military

Government organizations require secure and functional work environments. Mobile Modular offers clean, safe modular buildings tailored to government needs in Alabama. Enjoy the flexibility of modular construction with the safety of traditional government buildings. Modular dormitories are also ideal for military barracks or other government housing needs, offering a secure and scalable housing solution.
Government Exterior Government Interior
Building Types Available


Major companies are relocating to Alabama due to the low cost of living, lack of traffic, and available land. With growth comes rising office space costs. Modular buildings from Mobile Modular provide a budget-friendly solution, allowing modern 3-, 4- or 5-plex office complexes to be built faster than traditional construction. Whether for office space, training centers, or production facilities, our durable modular buildings support manufacturing growth across Alabama.
Manufacturing Exterior Manufacturing Interior
Building Types Available


With a focus on flexibility and rapid deployment, Mobile Modular provides industrial businesses with the means to quickly expand their workspace, manage project sites, and adapt to changing needs. Whether it's for temporary offices, break rooms, or storage facilities, Mobile Modular's buildings offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional construction, which is especially beneficial in the fast-paced industrial sector.
Industrial Exterior Industrial Interior
Building Types Available


Our portable modular units provide a flexible and efficient solution for retail businesses undergoing construction or looking to expand quickly. These units can be set up rapidly, ensuring that operations continue seamlessly. Permanent modular storefronts offer a visually appealing and robust option for businesses, contributing positively to the local retail environment and offering a professional image to the community.
Retail Exterior Retail Interior
Building Types Available
  • Sales Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Drive Thru Cafes
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Showrooms
  • Custom Modular Buildings
  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Offices

Disaster & Emergency Response

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, portable buildings serve as vital resources for shelter and essential services. Ensure your community's preparedness with modular restroom facilities, showers, dining halls, and emergency shelters. Our extensive inventory of swiftly deployable structures ensures our readiness to provide emergency response facilities that can be adapted to your specific needs when confronted with a natural disaster or public health crisis, such as a pandemic.
Disaster & Emergency Response Exterior Disaster & Emergency Response Interior
Building Types Available

Religious Organizations

Alabama holds the distinction of being the most religious state in the nation. Mobile Modular brings a wealth of experience in crafting religious facilities across denominations. Regardless of your faith, your congregation deserves a welcoming, enduring, and tailor-made facility for generations to come.
Religious Organizations Exterior Religious Organizations Interior
Building Types Available

Food Service

Modular kitchens, dining, and support facilities from Mobile Modular offer flexibility, making it possible for Alabama food service providers to seamlessly continue or expand their operations. Our solutions cater to a diverse range of industries with both temporary and permanent solutions, including education, commercial, healthcare, and hospitality.

Get Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons for Your Modular Buildings

Mobile Modular Plus presents a comprehensive package, offering all the essentials required for your modular building project. From accessories and add-ons to furnishings and site-related services, we've got everything you need to swiftly finalize your modular workspace for immediate use.

Contact us today to request a quote for your modular building accessories.

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Get Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons for Your Modular Buildings

Mobile Modular Plus presents a comprehensive package, offering all the essentials required for your modular building project. From accessories and add-ons to furnishings and site-related services, we've got everything you need to swiftly finalize your modular workspace for immediate use.

Contact us today to request a quote for your modular building accessories.

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Why Choose Mobile Modular?

Streamlined Process

Streamlined Process

We offer a quick quoting process and 24-hour turnaround for modular buildings.

In-House Expertise

In-House Expertise

Our in-house technicians are experts in installing modular buildings of all types.

Proven Experience

Proven Experience

We have over 40 years of experience working on projects across multiple industries.

Modular Buildings Made for Alabama

Built to Last in Alabama

Alabama experiences warm summers and cool winters, with recent years witnessing unusually intense and frequent rainfall. If you were considering traditional construction for a new building, this unpredictable weather could greatly disrupt the construction schedule.

In contrast, modular construction eliminates this concern. Within our climate-controlled factory setting, the durability of materials remains intact, safeguarding construction timelines from external factors, including adverse weather conditions.

Mobile Modular’s buildings in Alabama are equipped with energy-efficient air conditioning systems, guaranteeing comfortable and reliable interior environments, regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Rural & Urban Modular Buildings

Modular buildings prove to be versatile structures suitable for both rural and urban settings. In thriving and expanding cities such as Birmingham, we can tailor new modular buildings to seamlessly integrate with the existing urban landscape, achieving a cohesive and contemporary aesthetic.

As an increasing number of individuals migrate from rural Alabama to urban centers, rural land becomes more affordable, attracting developers and municipalities interested in expansion opportunities. Mobile Modular accommodates this trend by offering transportation services for modular buildings to remote locations.

Quick-Deploy Buildings for Disaster Response

Alabama is unfortunately no stranger to destructive weather. In 2021 alone, the state faced tornadoes so damaging that the president declared a state of emergency in March.

When communities are impacted by storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, or flooding, having quickly deployable disaster relief buildings is crucial for providing support and supplies to those who have lost homes or had property damaged. Alabama's vulnerability to major weather events demonstrates the importance of being able to rapidly set up disaster relief centers where they are urgently needed.

Alabama Licensing & Regulations for Modular Construction

Modular buildings in Alabama must adhere to stringent construction and installation guidelines set forth by the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission. These regulations cover everything from initial building plans to plumbing, electrical systems, transportation, and installation certifications. The goal is to ensure modular structures meet high standards for structural integrity and functionality.

As a licensed modular dealer and installer in Alabama, Mobile Modular is well-versed in following all state requirements. You can trust Mobile Modular to take care of every detail, from initial modular design through final inspected installation. We ensure your building meets Alabama modular building codes and regulations.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Case Studies Near Alabama

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Permanent Charter School

Mobile Modular Created a New Charter School Under an Aggressive Timeline

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Staff Facility for Seniors
Medical Specialty

Staff Facility for Seniors

Mobile Modular Provided a New Building Blended Into the Surrounding Area

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Vision Metals
Mobile Office Solutions Construction

Modular Office Buildings

Mobile Modular Provided Vision Metals With a New Office

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between used, leased, and rented modular buildings in Alabama?

Mobile Modular offers buildings for both lease and purchase. Leased modular buildings are temporary and must be returned at a predetermined date, making them suitable for shorter-term needs. Purchasing modular buildings in Alabama provides a permanent solution, while our rent-to-own option allows for gradual ownership transition, catering to businesses seeking flexibility in Alabama’s market.

What’s the difference between portable, prefabricated, and modular buildings in Alabama?

In Alabama, it's essential to differentiate between portable, prefabricated, and modular buildings. Portable buildings are designed for easy mobility and self-contained functionality, making them ideal for various temporary needs. Prefabricated buildings are constructed off-site in a controlled factory environment, reducing weather-related delays and site costs, which is especially advantageous in Alabama’s variable climate.

Modular buildings in Alabama are akin to prefabricated structures but are typically assembled in larger modules, allowing for almost complete construction off-site. They can be efficiently transported and adhered to concrete or ABS pad foundations, making them versatile and suitable for a range of Alabama applications.

What is a modular trailer in Alabama?

A modular trailer in Alabama is a pre-built temporary structure suitable for various short-term purposes, such as on construction sites as offices. These modular trailers are specifically designed for flexibility and rapid deployment, catering to the unique space needs of Alabama, especially in industries like construction where mobility and quick setup are essential.

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