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Double Classroom Trailers for Rent, Lease or Purchase

Double classroom trailers are the flexible solution to adding additional space to your school, church, or university. Mobile Modular is a leading, nationwide provider of constructing and delivering premium modular building units. Whether you’re dealing with increased enrollment this year or you want a permanent space for students to use for years to come, our double classroom units are the answer.

Double Classrooms for All Students

Large Classroom for K–12

Large Classroom for K–12

Ensure your students have access to the space they need for optimal learning. Our double classrooms allow for more students in one space while still having room for all the equipment and materials they need to get a distraction-free education.

Double Class Lab Thea Bowman

Modular Lab

From computer labs in high schools to chemistry labs at universities, our modular double classrooms make the perfect space for larger classes to learn. Choose a modular lab from our current inventory or allow us to custom-build a new modular lab for your school’s campus.

Double Class Lecture

Modular Study Hall/Lecture Hall

Add new study halls or lecture halls to your college campus. Our large classroom trailers are a fantastic solution when facing increased enrollment or renovations on the main university campus.

Double Class Training Ashland

Large Job Training Facility

From contractors and construction job training to driver’s education training and beyond, our double classroom trailers are flexible for whatever lessons you plan to teach. Get the space you need to educate your workforce.

Double Class religious

Large Classrooms for Religious Organizations

Provide your organization with a stunning space for learning, meeting, and worshiping. Trust Mobile Modular to install a premium double classroom unit that meets your community’s needs for additional space.

Rent, Lease or Purchase Modular Classroom Building Solutions

Rent, Lease or Purchase Modular Classroom Building Solutions

Our experts will partner with you to discuss the right rent, lease or purchase option that works with your budget and time requirements. We offer financing as well as numerous purchasing options to make it easy for you to start using your modular building quickly!

Our Customer Hub is available once you start working with us and lets you manage your account online at all times. Another way we simplify the process for our customers.

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Flexible Options for Double Classroom Trailers

At Mobile Modular, we understand the evolving needs of educational institutions. That's why we offer versatile double portable classrooms, designed to provide expansive, flexible learning environments. Whether you're scaling up for growth or seeking a temporary educational space, our double portable classrooms are the ideal solution.

Temporary Solutions

Choosing a temporary space is a great way to cut costs. We recommend our temporary double classrooms for short-term space needs. Because they’re easily portable, we can place them anywhere on your school’s campus.


Address your educational space needs with our flexible options. Rent double portable classrooms for short-term demands like renovations or enrollment increases, offering quick, flexible solutions without long-term ties. For longer periods, lease spacious, fully-equipped classrooms, ideal for transitional or expanding schools, without the commitment of purchase. Browse our Live Inventory or Request a Quote to learn more about our renting or leasing solutions.

Permanent Solutions

Choose a permanent unit if you intend to utilize the classroom space for several years. This ensures a safe space for students to learn that will last for decades to come.

Buying New

For schools and colleges looking for a long-term, educational setting, our double portable classrooms offer a sustainable and adaptable option. Invest in a brand-new, custom-designed double portable classroom. Tailored to your educational requirements, these modular classrooms offer a spacious and cost-effective learning environment that aligns with your institution's vision. Browse our Live Inventory, learn more about our Custom Modular Solutions, or visualize your modular building facility with our 3D Visualizer.

Purchasing Used

A budget-friendly alternative, our used double portable classrooms undergo an inspection and refurbishment process. This option provides a blend of quality, space, and value, making it ideal for institutions seeking cost-efficient, yet dependable permanent classroom solutions. Check out our Used Modular Classrooms inventory, explore our Live Inventory, or Request a Quote to learn more about used modular buildings.

Mobile Modular is dedicated to delivering turnkey, flexible solutions for your double portable classroom needs. Our commitment to customization, quality, and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive the best possible solution for your educational environment, whether it's for a temporary or permanent setting.

Benefits of Choosing Mobile Modular

Choosing Mobile Modular for double classroom buildings comes with a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Custom and standard modular building solutions that meet your needs
  • Quick delivery and reliable installation
  • Quality customer service consistently rated at 4.7/5
  • Expert in-house technicians readily available to answer questions
  • Powerful 360º Building Visualizer to choose options, layouts, and features
  • Furnishings, services, and accessories provided through Mobile Modular Plus

Our Process

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Project inquiry

Reach out to the Mobile Modular team and allow us to analyze your project. Once we know exactly what your needs are, we’ll be able to show you all the options available and help you to make the most informed decision.

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Mobile Modular can build a brand new double classroom to fit your exact requirements, or we can go over our inventory of durable pre-owned modular units that already exist.

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Each double classroom is constructed off-site in Mobile Modular’s climate-controlled factory.

Transportation & installation Icon

Transportation & installation

The final step is delivery! Mobile Modular will bring the classroom to your property and professionally install it. Upon completion, your classroom will be immediately ready for use.

Furnish Your Modular Double Classroom

Mobile Modular Plus makes it easy to set up your double classroom with everything you need on day one. From desks to chairs to other classroom essentials, we’ll provide everything in one convenient package.

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Furnish Your Modular Double Classroom

Mobile Modular Plus makes it easy to set up your double classroom with everything you need on day one. From desks to chairs to other classroom essentials, we’ll provide everything in one convenient package.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a double classroom cost?

The price of a double classroom varies depending on:

  • Options: Explore our collection of pre-owned double classrooms. Experience the value and savings of choosing our pre-owned modular units.
  • Financing: Leasing offers an affordable solution for acquiring a double classroom.
  • Customization: Customizing your modular classroom offers flexibility and adaptability to meet specific educational needs. We provide tailored solutions, ensuring classrooms are up to state code regulations and can be delivered promptly to cater to immediate requirements.
How many people will fit inside a double classroom trailer?

Between 50–60 people can fit in a double classroom.

How much space do I need to install a double classroom?

You’ll need about 3,500 square feet to install a double classroom, but be sure to consider local building code requirements for setbacks from other structures.

Find a Double Classroom Trailer Near You

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