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Mobile Modular rents, leases and sells relocatable modular buildings such as modular classrooms, mobile offices, prefab restrooms, portable sales offices, blast resistant modules (BRMs) and modular complexes. Our sister company, Mobile Modular Portable Storage, offers an extensive fleet of temporary and permanent portable ground-level office containers for rent or sale that's backed by prompt delivery.

Since 1979, Mobile Modular has been providing modular buildings to meet the space needs of major markets, which includes education, commercial, construction, development, government, health care, industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical and retail. With a strong foundation and rich history, we are growing and exploring new frontiers and constantly pushing our limits.

Our commitment to serving our customers is summarized by who we A.R.E. – Availability, Response and Execution. Read more about our service standards and how we constantly aim to exceed expectations.

Headquartered in Livermore, CA, Mobile Modular Management Corporation is a division of McGrath RentCorp, which is a public company, traded on the NASDAQ Exchange (Symbol: MGRC). Visit McGrath RentCorp for Investor relations information.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide each customer with a building designed to meet their specific needs and a level of individual service that laps our closest competitor. We believe we are the most knowledgeable, resourceful and capable company in the industry today.

Conserve Capital

Renting or leasing modular space takes a much lower upfront commitment compared to purchasing your space and allows you to place your capital where it may better serve your business. When business needs are growing or changing, renting provides the flexibility you need in the short run and the security you need in the long run. Rather than spending to purchase equipment that is unlikely to have a sustained long-term need, renting allows the flexibility to have what you need when you need it and frees up financial resources once the need has passed.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution that still offers great value, you can browse through this purchase page where we have listed a selection of used relocatable office buildings, classrooms and other modular buildings that are available immediately and carry attractive prices.

Manage Expenses

Rest assured that you will not receive additional unanticipated expenses for property taxes, equipment licensing and repair of issues related to normal wear and tear. Your agreement with Mobile Modular ensures that we will gladly take care of these items, freeing up your time and money. While other companies may bury fees and taxes like these deep in contractual terms, Mobile Modular offers a no hidden fees assurance.


When you're in need of space, you don't want to wait months to receive your building. We understand that your needs often dictate expediency, so having the right building available when you need it is crucial. We have a large selection of quality commercial modular buildings in stock and ready to deliver, with a variety of floor plan options to choose from.


You'll consistently receive clean, well-maintained buildings that are ready for occupancy. Our fleet is carefully inspected and quality-controlled prior to delivery. Our strict construction standards are unique in the industry and help to ensure that whether you need one building or one hundred, you'll receive the same quality throughout.


If you know exactly what you need, we'll provide it for you quickly and efficiently. If you aren't familiar with modular buildings, then you will appreciate the experience of our staff and their ability to assist in your selection. We are familiar with city codes and state regulations, and we'll help you navigate the process with ease. Furthermore, our Sales Specialists receive the best training in the industry - so your job will run smoothly. We also have an extensive frequently asked questions section available for your reference to answer your queries regarding Mobile Modular's prefabricated buildings and the services we offer.


We care about each and every customer, whether your project is large or small. Our focus is to provide excellent service at every stage of the project, from the time you call Mobile Modular to request a quote, to the installation of the building on site. And, should the need arise, we will respond promptly to your request for service; our technicians are our employees, not independent contractors.


Wide-open spaces or an office for everyone, it’s our ability to customize your building that really sets us apart. If you need a particular interior layout, we can easily modify an existing building at our location, keeping your costs down, and minimizing hassles at the site.

We value each of our customers and know that our performance ultimately leads to your satisfaction and repeat business. That is why "Your Project Is Our Commitment."

Green and Life-cycle Costs

At Mobile Modular Management Corporation, we are constantly striving to improve our environmental footprint. Not only do we embrace the practice of working LEAN, we recycle materials used in the production of a modular product in order to reduce waste.

In our newest products we offer eco-friendly technology in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) along with an intelligent energy management system to substantially reduce energy consumption while concurrently improving the indoor air quality for the occupants.


  • In many facilities and applications we are utilizing glue-less (self-adhering) 100% recycled carpet tiles, which emit virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and reduce installation labor for all of our products. Because the tiles can be replaced individually we are also able to minimize waste.
  • The Current generation of lighting technology for improved light quality and reduce energy consumption.
  • Low-maintenance, durable and sustainable materials for reduced overall life cycle cost and longevity.

In addition, in many of our modular buildings we employ radiant heat barriers as well as increase the R-value of all insulation to better reduce element intrusion, thereby reducing HVAC load and maintenance costs. This is a step above the industry standards and the result is evident to our customers.

At Mobile Modular Management Corporation, we employ environmentally responsible practices in our day-to-day work. One of the best ways we contribute to the environment is by providing a product that is itself recycled to serve your need, when little or no customization is needed for your purposes we are able to minimize or prevent additional waste created by construction and reuse existing products to serve a new need.

At our offices and in our inventory centers we make efforts to employ natural day-lighting, so during the daylight hours artificial illumination can be reduced or turned off. In several facilities we sponsor employee van-pool programs to help reduce automobile carbon dioxide emission by cutting down on vehicle trips. We also uphold a rigorous recycling program for our products to reduce the use of natural resources and waste; and continuously investigate new renewable energy resources to incorporate into our offices and inventory centers.

Mobile Modular Green

At Mobile Modular we are doing our part. Partner with us in helping us to do our small part for the environment, not only for this generation but for all future generations to come.


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