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Modular Single Classroom for Rent, Lease or Buy

Need additional classroom space for increased enrollment? Struggling to find a safe space for students to learn during a renovation project? Mobile Modular’s single classrooms are the perfect solution.

Mobile Single Classrooms for All Students

Portable Classroom

Portable Classroom

Our portable single classroom solutions allow schools to place classrooms anywhere on their campus. These temporary classrooms are durable, safe, and offer a comfortable environment for learning.

Elementary School Classroom

Elementary School Classroom

With Mobile Modular, you can customize your single classroom to fit your students’ specific needs. Elementary school classrooms can be custom furnished with smaller furniture, teacher desks, and more from our Plus add-ons solutions.

High School Classroom

High School Classroom

High school students require a different space than elementary school kids. Mobile Modular will take the time to get every detail just right, from the technology to the seating arrangement and beyond.

College/University Classroom

College/University Classroom

We can accommodate the needs of college campuses looking for additional classroom space and customize the exterior to match the rest of your buildings. Choose the mobile single classroom that fits your campus’ needs.

Job Training Classroom

Job Training Classroom

From construction site training to driver’s ed courses, our single classrooms can be utilized in a variety of ways. Trust Mobile Modular for a flexible solution to your classroom space needs.

Classrooms for Religious Organizations

Classrooms for Religious Organizations

Expand your organization with a modular school classroom, an ideal solution for extra teaching space or meetings.

Rent, Lease or Purchase Modular Classroom Building Solutions

Rent, Lease or Purchase Modular Classroom Building Solutions

Our experts will partner with you to discuss the right rent, lease or purchase option that works with your budget and time requirements. We offer financing as well as numerous purchasing options to make it easy for you to start using your modular building quickly!

Our Customer Hub is available once you start working with us and lets you manage your account online at all times. Another way we simplify the process for our customers.

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Flexible Options for Single Classroom Trailers

Mobile Modular's single portable classrooms provide a flexible, turnkey learning environment for students and educators alike. Our buildings make it easy to customize your single classroom to fit your educational needs. Our single portable classrooms present a perfect blend of durability and adaptability, whether you're looking for a temporary setup or a permanent addition to your campus.

Temporary Solutions

Temporary options are an efficient way to get new classrooms to your school campus fast. They’re quick to deploy and easily portable, making them the most convenient choice in your search for additional classroom space. Whether your main building is currently out of commission due to construction or you’re hosting students from a neighboring district after an emergency, your temporary space is waiting at Mobile Modular.


For short-term educational needs, such as during renovations, our rental service offers quick-to-deploy portable classrooms, providing a flexible, temporary solution without long-term commitments. For longer needs, our leasing option gives you fully-equipped classrooms ideal for schools in transitional phases, without the need to purchase. Browse our Live Inventory or Request a Quote to learn more about our renting or leasing solutions.

Permanent Solutions

Our single classrooms are available in various sizes, allowing you to select the space that makes the most sense for your students.

Buying New

Elevate your educational facilities with a brand-new single portable classroom. Custom-designed to meet your unique educational needs, our new classrooms offer flexible floorplans at a reasonable price-point. Browse our Live Inventory, learn more about our Custom Modular Solutions, or visualize your modular building facility with our 3D Visualizer.

Purchasing Used

Opt for a cost-effective yet high-quality solution with our used single portable classrooms. Each unit undergoes rigorous inspection and refurbishment, ensuring a balance of reliability and affordability. Ideal for institutions seeking budget-friendly, permanent educational spaces. Browse our Used School Portables for Sale, explore our Live Inventory, or Request a Quote to learn more about used modular buildings.

At Mobile Modular, we are committed to providing innovative, flexible solutions for your campus. Our dedication to customization, quality, and customer satisfaction guarantees the best possible educational environment, tailored to your specific requirements, whether temporary or permanent.

Benefits of Choosing Mobile Modular

Choosing Mobile Modular for single classroom buildings comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • Custom and standard modular building solutions that meet your needs
  • Quick delivery and reliable installation
  • Quality customer service consistently rated at 4.7/5
  • Expert in-house technicians readily available to answer questions
  • Powerful 360º Building Visualizer to choose options, layouts, and features
  • Furnishings, services, and accessories provided through Mobile Modular Plus

Our Process

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Project inquiry

Whether you know exactly what you need or you’re still trying to hammer out the details, Mobile Modular’s team can help you decide exactly which single classroom will work best for you. We’ll discuss your goals and plans for the space and provide expert insight on our available units.

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Mobile Modular can design an entirely new building custom to your plans. This is a great way to get a single classroom that matches the rest of your school campus. If you’re looking for a used building, we’ll walk you through our current inventory and help you select the perfect fit.

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Our modular classroom buildings are constructed off-site in a climate-controlled factory. If you choose a pre-owned single classroom, we’ll work to add the finishing touches and make sure it is in perfect working order.

Transportation & installation Icon

Transportation & installation

Mobile Modular will deliver your single classroom to your location and handle the installation. Once the unit has been installed, it’s immediately ready for use.

Furnish Your Modular Single Classroom

Use your single classroom on day one with Mobile Modular Plus. Get student desks, teacher’s desks, and other classroom essentials in one convenient package.

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Furnish Your Modular Single Classroom

Use your single classroom on day one with Mobile Modular Plus. Get student desks, teacher’s desks, and other classroom essentials in one convenient package.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a single classroom cost?

The average cost of a single classroom varies depending on:

  • Building size: We offer a diverse range of standard single classroom layouts. Keep in mind, larger units might have a higher price point than their smaller counterparts.
  • Options: Explore cost-effective options and discover the value of choosing pre-owned modular buildings over customized new ones.
  • Financing: If you need a mobile classroom for a brief duration, leasing is a cost-effective choice. However, for extended requirements, purchasing a modular classroom might be a more economical decision.
  • Customization: As you customize your modular classroom with Mobile Modular, the expenses might vary based on architectural choices, floor plan designs, and other factors. You can work with our experts to learn more!
How much space do I need to install a single classroom trailer?

The amount of space required to install a single classroom varies by state and depends on local building requirements, as well as its proximity to other structures on site. Speak with our team of experts to determine your specific space needs.

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