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Let’s face it – every project is not the same. In a perfect world, you would have both the time and the budget necessary to obtain the perfect facility for your project and your organization. Reality check! Today’s fast-paced environment requires adaptability whether that means finances, project timeliness or physical buildings. Modular buildings are the perfect solution when you need that kind of flexibility.

Short or Long Term Need
Occasionally, you need space for an interim period. Other times, permanent buildings are not compatible with land use. Rent or lease space only for the time you need it. Expand for a limited time period – during growth spurts or while renovation occurs – without the long-term expense or commitment of a permanent facility.

First and foremost, modular buildings save you time. Readily available for rent, lease, or purchase, you can acquire the right type of space for your need - quickly. You can complete classroom projects during summer breaks, minimizing disruption to students. Or, you can open for business, long before your permanent facilities are ready to service your customers. Leasing modular buildings allows you to accommodate your growing business without tying up capital investment funds.

Because modular buildings consist of individual modules, they can be easily configured to fit your site conditions and even relocated to another site, if necessary.

With an extensive selection of readily available sizes and floor plans, not only can your project begin significantly sooner than with stick-built construction - but building layout and floor planning can be eliminated or significantly reduced in scope. When you do require that custom touch, know that our buildings can be modified at our location, and assembled quickly - with less disruption to your site.

Our production environment provides excellent quality control and minimizes labor use and waste - keeping modular buildings affordable. Whatever your industry, the sooner you have the right space for employees, students or customers, the better your business will operate.


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