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Modular Buildings in Texas for Rent or Sale

Mobile Modular provides our customers with high-quality job site modular buildings for industrial and petrochemical customers in Texas. Our dedicated support staff can modify your building plans specific to your project needs. We will ensure that every specification meets Texas state specific requirements.

Today’s school districts are seeking better, more secure and adaptable ways to make the most of their space. Now with our fleet of revolutionary portable classrooms, Campus Maker mPlex®, ModPod®, Hybrid® and Duo®, we created a reusable and sustainable learning environment has never been easier.

Constructed from durable materials and designed to be easily configured into a variety of self-contained classroom complexes, our Texas classrooms deliver an optimal learning environment offering security, energy efficiency and a building design that can be adapted to different enrollment and spatial needs.

Mobile Modular also serves the Texas area with a large fleet of construction trailers and other new and well-maintained used mobile offices available in a range of sizes and configurations.

Mobile Modular buildings are manufactured to the standards of both the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and International Building Code (IBC). You can be assured that our team of experts is ready to speak to you at any point, no matter what the scale of your project.

We offer our modular building solutions in locations like Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and a host of other cities in Texas.

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Mobile Modular provides high-quality, well-constructed modular buildings that save land, time and money. We are here to assist you with all your modular building needs whether you require classrooms, offices, mobile offices or restrooms. Our company believes in providing you with exceptional customer service, and we proudly stand behind our tagline, “Your Project- Our Commitment.” We will take your project from conception to completion by utilizing our staff of construction management professionals and industry experts. Whether you need to lease for a couple of months or purchase for a permanent resolution, Mobile Modular is the right solution for all your central region modular needs.

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