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Modular Kitchen Buildings for Schools

Our modular kitchen buildings offer flexible kitchen and dining solutions for campuses of all sizes. Our modular cafeterias, kitchens, and support facilities provide food services to a wide range of industries, including public and private educational institutions.

These permanent and temporary modular solutions can be used to support all your project needs, alongside classrooms, restrooms, and school building complexes.

Standard Modular Kitchens

  • Highly configurable
  • Functional and efficient
  • Offer free-span cooking, preparation, and storage areas
  • Integrate refrigerated and frozen storage, dishwashing, dining, restroom, and office areas
  • Useful for temporary and permanent uses

Modular cafeterias and kitchens offer flexibility to schools at all grade levels. They are cost-effective solutions that can be tailored to the needs of any educational institution.

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Mobile Kitchens

Mobile kitchens are ideal for temporary needs such as fundraisers and field days, or they can serve as permanent campus installations. Our team of experts will help you establish the type of mobile kitchen you need based on your size, energy, HVAC, refrigeration, and dishwashing needs.

These units are available for lease or purchase. Available dimensions range from 18 to 53 feet.

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Container Kitchens

Container kitchens make special events easier to manage and are an ideal solution for snack bars at sporting events. They’re also a perfect choice for feeding students during emergencies since they they can be placed and set up for operations within a matter of days.

You can also connect multiple units to create full commercial kitchen complexes at a more affordable price than standard school kitchens. These high cube container kitchens measure 40 feet long by 8 feet wide.

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