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Flexible Foodservice Facilities

Modular kitchens, dining, and ancillary support facilities provide maximum flexibility with relocatable features allowing food service providers the ability to continue or expand operations. We offer temporary and permanent foodservice facilities serving customers in all major industries such as education, commercial, healthcare and hospitality. Our modular kitchen solutions provide food service capabilities during expansions, renovations, new construction and disaster recovery.

Combined with Mobile Modular’s temporary and permanent modular solutions, we can support all of your project needs. Let our turnkey modular building solutions work for you!

Modular Kitchens

  • Highly configurable
  • Free-span cooking, preparation and storage areas
  • Functional and efficient
  • Integrates cold and frozen storage, ware washing, dining, restroom and office facilities
  • One-stop solution for interim and permanent applications

Whether interim or permanent, modular kitchens provide maximum flexibility with relocatable features. Highly configurable, modular units offer open space for both verbal and visual communication and are a cost-effective solution to maximize space for cooking, preparation, service, and storage. Modular kitchens can serve short to long-term needs including permanent options with Bolt-On® Kitchens.

Mobile Kitchens

  • Customizable dimensions from 18’ – 53’
  • Brand/company recognition
  • Self-contained options with on-board power and water supply
  • Wide array of capacities, features and equipment
  • Relocatable, on-the-go option

Our team of trained professionals takes you step-by-step through the integration of your mobile kitchen from planning through completion. We will help you establish size, energy source, HVAC, refrigeration, and dishwashing. Mobile units are available for lease or purchase and can serve everything from your one-time special event to daily on-going operations.

Containerized Kitchens

  • High cube 40’ x 8’ containers
  • High volume production capacity
  • Connect multiple units to create commercial kitchen complexes
  • Integrates with free span structures
  • Plug & Cook (PAC®) unit provides easy set-up; placed and operational quickly, hydraulic leveling legs, low ground level profile

Containers are high cube 40’ x 8’ units with high volume production capacity. Ideal for special events and disaster situations, they can be shipped across the world and operate in extreme environments while maintaining a comfortable and efficient work environment. Connect multiple units to create commercial kitchen complexes. The PAC® Kitchen unit can be placed and operational quickly.

Modular Building Solutions

Your unique project is our quality solution, and we are ready to partner with you. Our experts will offer technical advice, insights, and guidance throughout the entire process. Request your quote today or call us at 866.517.2891.

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