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Affected by a natural disaster in your area? Get more information on how we can help. Flooding

Disaster Relief

Modular Solutions To Support You During Disaster Recovery

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Mobile Modular Disaster Relief Solutions

Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires. Disasters can strike with little to no warning, so access to the right solutions at the right time can mean the difference between recovery or experiencing a long-term disruption to daily life — and your business.

Don’t wait. Make a disaster preparedness plan today that includes Mobile Modular, your trusted partner when the unexpected hits.

Our cost-effective temporary modular buildings are ready to ship nationwide at a moment’s notice to tackle the challenges and requirements of any emergency:

Hurricanes and Flooding Hurricanes and Flooding

Our modulars give you an immediate remedy to storing emergency relief supplies while providing safe, dry accommodations for residents, relief workers, and businesses.

Wildfires Wildfires

Use our modular units to give fire victims safe, temporary housing and relief workers and firefighters a place to rest, stay cool and hydrated, and strategize firefighting efforts.

Pandemics Pandemics

Mobile Modular solutions meet an array of complex medical demands during a pandemic. Healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes can use modulars to store medical supplies, create temporary patient overflow stations and triage units or testing facilities.

Portable Module

Mobile Modular Products For Urgent Needs

Our temporary modular buildings can fulfill an array of emergency applications: Administrative and emergency planning centers, temporary housing, supplies and food storage, portable first aid units, climate-controlled rest areas for firefighters or relief workers, and much more.

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Modular Disaster Relief Solutions Include:

Warp Speed

All units come in a range of sizes and configurations and can be outfitted with HVAC units, ramps, lighting, high-security windows and doors, furniture and much more.

To get started, find your location and call us. No matter where you are, Mobile Modular experts will work with you to get the most cost-effective modular units for your emergency needs as soon as possible.

Comprehensive. Nationwide.

Modular Disaster Relief Solutions

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Mobile Modular Plus Add-on Services

Plus offers all the add-on services you need to furnish your workspace—from desks, to conference room necessities, to breakroom basics. Plus has a full catalog of options for setting up your modular building efficiently. Browse our complete collection of available accessories.

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Mobile Modular Plus Add-on Services

Post-Disaster Safety Tips

For all our customers or anyone dealing with the aftermath of a disaster, safety is your No. 1 concern. Here are some top considerations that will keep you, your family and community, and your business as safe as possible:

Structural integrity

Structural integrity: Exercise extreme caution when entering or inspecting a facility. If there is serious structural damage, do not enter.

Avoid Floodwaters

Avoid floodwaters: There may be a fast-moving current or the water may be electrically charged from downed power lines.


Documentation: Document damage thoroughly and inventory damaged property by making a complete list. This will help when you contact your insurance company to begin the claims process.


Verify safe electrical and gas connections: At any sign of threat or danger, call 911 immediately. If power is not yet restored in your area, turn off the panel box to eliminate risk when power is restored. Have an electrician check the system before it’s turned on again, especially if it’s connected to the gas line.

Flipped Modular

Flipped or tossed modular: If your modular office or building is flipped, do not attempt to right it. Cordon off the area and call us immediately at 888.929.0385.

Flood damage

Flood damage: With flooding comes mold, mildew, and possibly even water-borne illnesses. Notify us at 888.929.0385 if your modular has been flooded or sustained any water damage. Exercise extreme caution if any electrical wiring is wet or has been exposed to flooding.

We’re Here For You

Our team of reliable experts and technicians are here for you 24/7, ready to work with you to find the right product for your situation at an affordable rate.

Contact us today for a quote and have your questions answered.

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