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What are Modular Restrooms?

Modular or prefabricated restrooms are prefabricated units containing fully functional bathroom facilities. Each unit is manufactured off-site in a factory. Modular units and precast restrooms are the quickest way to set up restroom facilities for businesses and offices.

What Features Do Prefab Restrooms Provide?

Mobile Modular offers smart modular restrooms for commercial spaces. Apart from standard plans, numerous other restroom configurations are available including shower and locker room facilities serving up to 300 users. However, all features noted are Mobile Modular Management Corporation standard features, specifications vary by region and product type.

Our prefabricated restroom buildings are available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, with custom options to meet your specification. Mobile Modular offers prefab restrooms for both long term and short-term needs.

Where are Modular Prefab Restroom Buildings Used?

Customers expect sales offices, restaurants, and other enterprises to have high quality commercial restroom facilities available for employees, visitors, or customers. Even construction project sites and temporary remote offices require satisfactory prefab restroom buildings.

Prefab Restrooms are also widely used as public restrooms in parks and community centers. Other uses of modular prefab restrooms include:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Mining industry
  • Sports complexes
  • Entertainment venues and concerts
  • Traveling carnivals
  • Pop up stores and businesses
  • Summer camps

Our modular restrooms space savers and capable of sitting right next to existing offices and facilities during renovation, construction, or events.

Get modular restrooms for offices or other commercial projects with Mobile Modular's wide array of prefab restrooms. Our modular restrooms can be delivered to meet your schedules, and are available for both rent and sale. We also offer a unique 30-day rental plan which gives you two extra days when compared to standard 28-day rental plans. Our experienced team can set up both temporary and permanent modular restrooms at your location quickly and with minimum disruption.

For more information about specs and how much prefabricated restrooms cost, please speak with a Mobile Modular representative. Additional options are always available and we are happy to work with you to customize a solution to fit your needs.Request a quote today.


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