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Mobile Offices & Commercial Modular Solutions

Mobile Modular is the premier supplier of modular buildings for the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing industries. Businesses trust our solutions to take their employee and client experience to the next level. From office buildings and complexes to restrooms and locker rooms, we provide the comprehensive, customizable space solutions you’ve been searching for.

Mobile Offices

What Are Mobile Offices?

Mobile offices are self-contained, prefabricated, office units that require minimal onsite assembly. These portable offices are highly customizable, and are ideal for a wide range of temporary commercial uses—from an administrative or security office to a storage space to a rec room for employees.

Commercial Modular Buildings to Meet Your Needs

Commercial Office Building

Commercial Office Building

Our commercial modular buildings are commonly used as commercial office spaces for businesses in every industry. These office buildings are more affordable and faster to complete than traditional construction methods.

Business Complex

Business Complex

Entire business complexes can be created with modular construction. Keep all your office spaces and other aspects of the business together in one convenient space.

Construction Office Trailer

Construction Office Trailer

Modular buildings are often utilized as office trailers at construction sites. Give your employees access to a space safe from the elements where paperwork can be completed and the office side of the construction industry can be handled.

Modular Inplant Office

Modular Inplant Office

Our buildings can be used as modular inplant offices. Take your manufacturing or industrial business to the next level with access to safe, comfortable, and efficient space.

Locker Room

Factory Floor Locker Room

Your employees deserve a space to refresh, regroup, or prepare for their day. Factories trust Mobile Modular to provide modular locker room solutions on their site. We’ll customize every aspect to fit your factory’s needs.

Jobsite Workforce Housing

Jobsite Workforce Housing

Give your workforce a comfortable housing option on the jobsite. Make onsite work feel like home away from home with quality workforce housing from Mobile Modular.

Rent, Lease or Purchase Modular Office Building Solutions

Rent, Lease or Purchase Modular Office Building Solutions

Our experts will partner with you to discuss the right rent, lease or purchase option that works with your budget and time requirements. We offer financing as well as numerous purchasing options to make it easy for you to start using your modular building quickly!

Our Customer Hub is available once you start working with us and lets you manage your account online at all times. Another way we simplify the process for our customers.

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Revolutionizing Workspaces with Modular Office Solutions

Mobile Modular offers a wide portfolio of modular building office solutions nationwide. Recognizing the diverse and dynamic demands of modern businesses, we specialize in creating efficient and resilient modular offices. Whether your need is for a temporary workspace or a permanent commercial facility, our modular offices are engineered to meet the varied requirements of the business world with innovation and elegance.

Temporary Solutions

If your current building is being renovated, a temporary modular commercial building might be the best fit. Temporary options are quick to deploy and can have flexible leasing options to reduce costs for lower budgets.


Our modular office rentals are a perfect fit for short-term expansions, project-based needs, or sudden increases in workforce. Renting offers unparalleled flexibility and rapid deployment, ensuring your business operations continue seamlessly. For longer durations, leasing serves as a practical choice, providing fully-equipped, adaptable modular offices, ideal for businesses undergoing transitions, renovations, or seasonal peaks. Explore our Live Inventory or Request a Quote to find out more about our rental and leasing options for mobile offices.

Permanent Solutions

Mobile Modular’s commercial and manufacturing buildings are built to last. If you need a permanent expansion or new building, trust Mobile Modular.

Buying New

For businesses eyeing long-term, workspace solutions, Mobile Modular's new permanent modular offices are the way to go. Invest in a fresh, bespoke modular office that caters precisely to your business needs and aesthetics. Browse our Live Inventory, learn about our Custom Modular Solutions, or experiment with our 3D Visualizer to build your next modular office.

Purchasing Used

Opt for an economical choice with our pre-owned modular offices. Each unit undergoes thorough inspection and refurbishment, striking a perfect balance between quality, affordability, and eco-friendliness. This option is excellent for businesses seeking a cost-effective, durable solution for permanent office space. Check out our Used Office Trailers for Sale, view our Live Inventory, or Request a Quote to learn more about our assortment of used modular offices.

Mobile Modular is a leader in providing top-notch, versatile modular office solutions for the commercial sector. Our commitment to customization, quality, and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive the most suitable solution for your business needs, whether for temporary or permanent purposes.

Popular Products

Single-Wide Offices

Mobile Modular’s single-wide offices are the perfect, standard space solution.

Double-Wide Offices

Get more space at an affordable price when you choose a double-wide mobile office.

Modular Office Complexes

Create an entire office complex for your business when you choose Mobile Modular.

Custom Solutions

Need a space as unique as your business? Mobile Modular provides custom commercial solutions.

Portable Offices for Various Industries

Our modular space solutions are a great way to solve all your commercial space needs—for construction, real estate, government, petrochemical, healthcare, small businesses, and more. Whether you’re looking for a construction office trailer, an attractive portable office, or a mobile office complex for your retail business, we’ve got a solution to meet your needs.

Construction Offices

Administrative & Management Offices

Project Management Offices

Security Offices

In-Plant Offices

Substation Offices

Real-Estate Offices

Document & Equipment Storage Rooms

Recreation Rooms for Employees

Sales Offices

Industrial Plant Shutdowns

School building 3d view

3D Modular Building Visualizer Tool

Unsure what type of building is best for your project? Try out different interior, exterior and floorplan options with our 360 3D visualizer tool.

Why Choose Mobile Modular?

Mobile Modular offers a large selection of both new and used, well-maintained mobile office units with world-class service by industry experts. Choose from a range of standard floor plans, or let us help you design a custom configuration to meet your exact needs. We offer short and long-term lease options as well as units for purchase. Portable office specifications may vary by region and product type. Speak with a representative to find out more.

Speedy Construction
Speedy Construction

Experience the Mobile Modular Difference

  • Wide range of top-quality new and used portable office buildings for rent, lease, and purchase.
  • All units have the look and feel of a permanent structure.
  • We can customize modular offices to your specific requirements.
  • Quick Ship delivery available on select inventory.
  • We guide you through every step to ensure the best fit for your site.
  • We pride ourselves on always providing prompt service.
  • If required, we can provide site-related construction work.
  • 30-day billing cycle on portable office trailers for rent or sale.

Plus Add On Solutions

Mobile Modular Plus is a full-service solution providing everything you need to complete your modular building.

Shop our wide range of turnkey solutions. From furnishings, services and accessories, we provide everything you need for your modular building.


Plus Add On Solutions

Mobile Modular Plus is a full-service solution providing everything you need to complete your modular building.

Shop our wide range of turnkey solutions. From furnishings, services and accessories, we provide everything you need for your modular building.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a mobile office trailer, portable office, and temporary office?

Mobile offices, portable offices, and temporary offices all refer to the same thing: a modular office building constructed for temporary use that can be easily transported between locations.

What sort of amenities can mobile modular supply for my commercial modular office?

With Mobile Modular Plus, we can fully furnish your commercial modular space. From simple things like water fountains and office furniture to more complex additions like technology and sanitation, we do it all. We can also furnish workforce housing with beds and appliances.

Find Modular Office Space Near You

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