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Modular Building Solutions for Education

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Portable Schools & Modular Classrooms for Educators

Mobile Modular stands out as a comprehensive provider, offering both temporary and permanent modular learning spaces. Catering to a diverse range of educational institutions including public, private, and charter schools, we specialize in supplying modular classrooms and educational facilities. Our solutions are tailored to address the evolving demands of contemporary education, ensuring that school districts have access to the necessary resources.

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Why Modular School Buildings?

Modular school buildings offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional construction, providing a quiet and disruption-free environment for educational activities. The off-site construction methods enhance the speed of the building process, ensuring a swift setup of classrooms and school buildings.

Mobile Modular provides a variety of modular solutions, including relocatable and highly configurable options, to cater to the specific needs of educational institutions. These modular structures are available for both lease and purchase, offering flexibility and convenience to schools and campuses.

Types of School Portables Buildings

Modular Classrooms

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of classroom configurations. From single, double to complexes, our modular classroom buildings are flexible and scalable.

Administrative Spaces

Modular offices serve as an excellent solution for schools in need of either temporary or permanent administrative spaces. These offices can be spacious, providing various private areas for school officials such as principals, superintendents, counselors, administrative assistants, and vice principals.

Recreational Buildings

Promote health and team spirit in our specially designed weight rooms, suitable for students at all levels of fitness. Alternatively, opt for a modular locker room tailored to meet the needs of your school's sports and athletic programs.

Specialized Facilities

Our modular buildings offer versatile solutions across the education sector, seamlessly combining pristine and accessible restroom facilities, thoughtfully designed bookstores, and inspiring library spaces. These multifunctional structures are tailored to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, providing reliable and innovative spaces for a variety of applications.

Food and Dining

Enjoy nutritious meals in our expansive and welcoming cafeterias, crafted for both efficiency and comfort. Our dining spaces provide a communal area for students to engage and savor their meals, complemented by professional-grade kitchens that foster culinary innovation, all while upholding the highest standards of health and safety.

School Portable Product Lines


Our single classrooms are available in various sizes, allowing you to select the space that makes the most sense for your students.


Get more space at an affordable price when you choose a double-classroom modular unit for your school.

Multi-Class Complexes

Mobile Modular can provide full school complexes complete with multi-classrooms, offices, restrooms, dining areas, dormitories, and more.

Custom Solutions

Need a space as unique as your student body? Mobile Modular provides custom solutions for schools.

*Product availability may vary by region and is subject to change without notice. Please check our live inventory or request a quote for available products in your region.

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Rent, Lease or Purchase Modular Classroom Building Solutions

Rent, Lease or Purchase Modular Classroom Building Solutions

Our experts will partner with you to discuss the right rent, lease or purchase option that works with your budget and time requirements. We offer financing as well as numerous purchasing options to make it easy for you to start using your modular building quickly!

Our Customer Hub is available once you start working with us and lets you manage your account online at all times. Another way we simplify the process for our customers.

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Flexible Modular Education Building Solutions

Modular school buildings are constructed from prefabricated modules built in a factory-like setting and then assembled on school property. They can be new, permanent additions to school campuses or temporary portable buildings with flexible leases. Whether your institution requires a temporary classroom during renovations or a permanent addition to your campus, our modular solutions are designed to foster a conducive learning environment.

Temporary Solutions

Although portable school buildings are temporary, they’re designed for durability. Educators can take advantage of flexible leasing options, reducing the cost and responsibility of buying a modular school building.


Catering to both short-term and extended educational space needs, our services provide flexibility and practicality. Our rental solutions are ideal for temporary situations like renovations or growing enrollemnt, offering a variety of modular units for quick deployment with minimal campus disruption. For medium to long-term requirements, leasing offers functional modular spaces without the need to purchase, perfect for schools in transitional or expansion stages. Browse our Live Inventory or Request a Quote to learn more about our renting or leasing solutions.

Permanent Solutions

Many schools recognize the difference between a temporary and sustained increase in student enrollment. When a lasting expansion is necessary for your school, choose a permanent modular school building.

Buying New

For educational institutions seeking long-lasting, adaptable facilities, Mobile Modular's permanent modular solutions are ideal. Invest in a new, custom-designed modular unit tailored to your educational needs. These state-of-the-art facilities are built facilitate learning, providing a comfortable environment for students and staff. Browse our Live Inventory, learn more about our Custom Modular Solutions, or visualize your educational facility with our 3D Visualizer.

Purchasing Used

Choose a budget-friendly yet quality-driven option with our used modular units. Each unit undergoes inspection and refurbishment, ensuring it meets our high standards. This option is perfect for educational institutions seeking a cost-effective, reliable permanent solution. Browse our Used Classroom Portables available for Sale, explore our Live Inventory, or Request a Quote to learn more about used modular buildings.

Mobile Modular is committed to delivering top-tier, adaptable modular solutions for the education industry. Our dedication to customization, quality, and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive the ideal solution for your educational setting, whether for temporary or permanent needs.

Complete Your School with Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons

With Mobile Modular Plus, you can furnish your school buildings and classrooms at an affordable price. Get desks and chairs for teachers, students, and administrators and more through Mobile Modular.

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Complete Your School with Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons

With Mobile Modular Plus, you can furnish your school buildings and classrooms at an affordable price. Get desks and chairs for teachers, students, and administrators and more through Mobile Modular.

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Comprehensive Site Solutions

Comprehensive Site Solutions for Schools

Mobile Modular provides everything you need to complete your next project. From plans to plumbing to project completion, we are the single source of your modular building needs.

We focus on the details so you can focus on your business!

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School building 3d view

3D Modular School Building Visualizer Tool

Utilize our 3D building tool to build your modular classroom and customize with various options for interior finishes, exterior finishes, layout, and furniture.

Why Choose Mobile Modular?

Speedy Construction
Speedy Construction

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Find out if the modular building you need is available to order today.

Product guides

Product Guides

Access our complete product guides, tailored to your region.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many students can fit in a modular classroom?

This is dependent on the size of your classroom. A single classroom can fit one standard size class (approximately 25–30 students in a traditional classroom setting), while a modular school complex could accommodate 20 different classrooms at any given time. Whatever space needs you have, we are happy to help.

How much do modular classrooms cost?

The cost of your modular classroom will vary depending on the size, if it is new or used, and if it is permanent or temporary. A used, temporary classroom will likely cost less than a customized, permanent fixture, though both options are less expensive than standard site-built projects.

How quickly can you provide a modular classroom?

Mobile Modular is known for our efficiency and speed in delivering modular building solutions, including portable classrooms and modular school buildings. We emphasize our ability to meet state code regulations and offer immediate delivery options, highlighting our commitment to quick and reliable service.

Mobile Modular’s focus on customer satisfaction and our comprehensive range of services from planning to project completion demonstrate our dedication to providing fast and efficient modular building solutions. Whether you are looking to rent, lease, or purchase, they are prepared to accommodate your specific requirements with speed and professionalism.

While the exact timeframe for providing a modular classroom would depend on various factors including location, customization requirements, and availability, Mobile Modular’s reputation for efficiency and speed suggests that we are well-equipped to meet your needs in a timely manner.

Can private schools have portable classrooms?

Yes! We’ve helped schools of all kinds find the space solution they need with modular classrooms and school buildings. Whether it's preschools; public, private, or charter schools; or colleges and universities, Mobile Modular can help.

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