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Mobile Modular Disaster Relief



Mobile Modular provides modular buildings such as mobile offices, classrooms, restrooms and more temporary building solutions that are available immediately for disaster relief situations. Damage caused by recent natural disasters leaves people and businesses needing help… fast.

Since 1979, Mobile Modular has been providing emergency relief buildings to assist in post-disaster recovery efforts. Our secure portable modular buildings are critical for on-site disaster response teams during an emergency. We have a large inventory of temporary and permanent space for immediate use, which includes restroom and shower facilities, classrooms, government buildings and response team offices.


Mobile Modular is ready to assist our customers affected by Hurricane Harvey. Your safety is our prime concern. There are a few things you should know about your leased building from Mobile Modular. Please take some time to be sure that you have checked the following areas of potential concern.

  • Your Safety is First. Always be careful when entering or inspecting facilities. If there is serious structural damage, do not enter the building. Watch out for debris and downed power lines. Avoid walking through flood waters to inspect damage as they may be fast moving or electrically charged. Use flashlights in the dark.
  • Documentation is Helpful. If you have identified any sort of concern, document the damage thoroughly. Inventory damaged property and prepare a list. If you have any form of damage to the leased building, contact your insurance company to begin the claims process.
  • Verify Safe Electrical & Gas Connection. Verify that the electrical connection is intact and functioning. Inspect for any signs of damage. If the power has not yet been restored to the area, power off the panel box to eliminate risk at the time of power restoration. At any sign of threat, contact 911. If the unit is connected to a gas line, have an electrician check the system before turning power on again.
  • Flipped or Tossed? If the unit has flipped over or lost its footing, do not attempt to right it. Do not allow anyone to move in or about the unit. If possible, cordon off the area with caution tape or rope with red flags. Contact us immediately.
  • On Unsteady Footing? Before entering the unit, check to ensure that the support piers and/or blocks for the building appear to remain securely underneath the chassis of the structure. Do not enter the building if there is any appearance of instability. Know that the ground conditions may be affected by water content within the soil and shifting may occur. Assess regularly.
  • Flood Damaged? Flood damage creates an environment conducive to mold and mildew. Notify us if the building has been under water for any period of time or has sustained water intrusion due to window or roof damage.
    • Turn off main power if wiring is wet or moldy or has been exposed to flooring. Have an electrician check the system before turning power on again.
    • Open the building to fresh air when humidity outside is lower than inside.
    • Turn on fans and dehumidifiers in the unit.
    • Remove all wet items from the unit (carpet, furniture, etc.). Be sure to wear safety gloves and if mold is evident wear a protective mask.
    • Contact our service department to coordinate an inspection.
  • Potential of Bio-Contaminants? If the unit was connected to any form of the waste water tank or sewer connection verify the condition of these connections to establish if there has been any containment concern. Contact us to coordinate efforts with a local black water or sewage clean up company.

When it comes to foundation, mold and mildew concerns, we want to be sure you are aware that these issues may come to light over the coming days and weeks. Do not contact a mold remediation company for your leased unit, call us first so that we can coordinate efforts.

Resource available to mitigate storm damage and flooding:

CALL 888-929-0385 BETWEEN 7:30 AM AND 5:30 PM M-F (LOCAL TIME) or request a quote FOR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE.

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