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Rent, Lease or Buy Modular Buildings in Sacramento, CA

Location: 2725 Fitzgerald Dr, Dixon, CA 95620

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Mon - Fri: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Major industries that flourish in Sacramento, California are healthcare and education institutions. Mobile Modular is pleased to provide a large selection of modular buildings in Sacramento to support diverse businesses, industries, and construction projects in the city.

Whether in need of a modular school, office, or healthcare clinic, we can construct a turnkey building that will suit your needs at an affordable cost. Mobile Modular‘s vast portfolio includes a lease fleet of jobsite trailers, offices, and containers available for rent, lease or buy!

Sacramento Mobile Offices for Rent, Lease or Purchase

We provide mobile offices and modular buildings to businesses in Sacramento, CA. Our comprehensive portfolio includes sales offices, modular office complexes, custom modular solutions, modular kitchen solutions, swing spaces, climate-controlled DropBox™ blast-resistant modules and ADA-compliant modular restrooms.

Sacramento Mobile Offices for Rent, Lease or Purchase
Los Angeles Modular Classrooms for Rent, Lease or Purchase

Sacramento Modular Classrooms for Rent, Lease or Purchase

We offer portable classroom options that meet all building codes and are available in a variety of floor plans. Modular classrooms are quick to build, easily customizable, make for flexible space, and can be easily relocated. The portable classroom solutions available in the Sacramento metropolitan area can be used as science and computer laboratories, training rooms, libraries, or cafeterias.

Modular Buildings in Sacramento

  • Education

  • Construction

  • Medical

  • Government

  • Manufacturing

  • Industrial

  • Retail

  • Disaster & Emergency Response

  • Religious Organizations

  • Food Service


Public, private, and charter schools in Sacramento are looking for ways to deal with both long-term and short-term capacity issues with modular classrooms. Mobile Modular’s classrooms can be built into existing structures for a permanent expansion, installed as standalone buildings, or placed in a temporary location that best fits your needs. They can be furnished with desks and outfitted with bathrooms, storage space, and other amenities.
Education Exterior Education Interior
Building Types Available


Portable modular buildings are ideal at job sites as bathrooms, offices, meeting spaces, workforce housing, and more. At Mobile Modular, we offer flexible leasing so you can rent your office trailer for the time-frame that fits the job.
Construction Exterior Construction Interior
Building Types Available


Mobile Modular can make waiting rooms and clinics more spacious to accommodate the growing patient population in Sacramento. Use modular buildings to create additional rooms for hospitals and testing centers.
Medical organizations can work with us to create custom modular buildings that can be used for specific needs in the industry such as X-ray technician rooms, diagnostic imaging, storage space for medical equipment, and administrative offices.
Medical Exterior Medical Interior
Building Types Available
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Satellite Clinics
  • Laboratory Buildings
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Treatment Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Custom Modular Buildings


As the capital of California, Sacramento is home to a wealth of government offices and facilities. Mobile Modular’s premium security features are ideal for offices, military barracks, senior centers, fire departments, and other facilities. They can include window and door security bars, window security screens, and tamper-resistant fasteners.
Government Exterior Government Interior
Building Types Available


Manufacturers in Sacramento can gain affordable space solutions tailored for their industry when they choose Mobile Modular. Whether you need locker rooms for your team, workforce housing solutions, or administrative offices, Mobile Modular provides high-quality, affordable modular buildings for the manufacturing industry.
Manufacturing Exterior Manufacturing Interior
Building Types Available


Modular buildings can help industrial businesses in Sacramento weather economic highs and lows by providing affordable office space. Because prefabricated modular units are built in a controlled environment, their construction is less likely to be disrupted by issues with the supply chain, especially weather-related issues.
Industrial Exterior Industrial Interior
Building Types Available


Mobile Modular supports the retail industry in Sacramento with versatile modular buildings that cater to various needs. Whether you require additional retail space, temporary pop-up stores, or storage solutions during renovations, our modular buildings provide a quick and cost-effective answer.
Retail Exterior Retail Interior
Building Types Available
  • Sales Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Drive Thru Cafes
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Showrooms
  • Custom Modular Buildings
  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Offices

Disaster & Emergency Response

Like much of California, Sacramento is at risk for earthquakes, wildfires, flooding, and other natural disasters. Our portable buildings are highly effective as quick-deploy disaster response units. They can serve as offices, meeting rooms, or shelters for rescue crews and victims during events such as pandemics, forest fires, and floods.
Disaster & Emergency Response Exterior Disaster & Emergency Response Interior
Building Types Available

Religious Organizations

Sacramento has a rich history of religious institutions and is home to many historic churches. With flexible floor plans and quality construction, congregations can design the ideal layout for their activities, from spiritual gatherings to large services and events. Durable and versatile, our modular buildings adapt as needs evolve, with potential uses as sanctuaries, classrooms, offices, or fellowship halls.
Temporary modular buildings can provide religious institutions with the space they need for people to worship and congregate.
Religious Organizations Exterior Religious Organizations Interior
Building Types Available

Food Service

For the food service industry in Sacramento, Mobile Modular offers modular buildings that serve as efficient kitchen spaces, dining areas, and food preparation facilities. Whether you're launching a new restaurant, expanding an existing one, or need a temporary setup during renovations, our modular solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the food service sector.

Get Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons for Your Modular Buildings

Mobile Modular Plus provides everything you need to complete your modular building. We offer the accessories, add-ons, and site-related services you need to complete your modular workspace and use it immediately.

Contact us today to request a quote for your modular building accessories.

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Get Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons for Your Modular Buildings

Mobile Modular Plus provides everything you need to complete your modular building. We offer the accessories, add-ons, and site-related services you need to complete your modular workspace and use it immediately.

Contact us today to request a quote for your modular building accessories.

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3D Modular Building Visualizer

360 3D Building Visualizer

Unsure what type of building is best for your project?

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Why Choose Mobile Modular?

Quick Turnaround
Quick Turnaround
Sales Specialist
Dedicated Sales Specialist
Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing
Variety of Products
Variety of Products
Quality Products
Quality Products

At Mobile Modular, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional customer experiences and delivering premium quality products in the Sacramento – Dixon region. Let our experts guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. Our expertise, attention to detail, and end-to-end service is the reason we continually rank highest in customer satisfaction. We understand deadlines and work closely with you to deliver the unit you want on time and within budget. Visit our why choose us page to find out more.

Or, you can browse our product guides for detailed product information. Read about customer success stories in the case studies section and keep up with the latest happenings in the modular buildings industry with our blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How soon can I set up a portable office trailer in Sacramento?

The setup time for a portable office trailer in Sacramento can vary based on factors like site preparation and permitting. Contact Mobile Modular for a detailed assessment and a timeline tailored to your specific needs.

How much does a modular classroom for rent in Sacramento cost?

The cost of renting a modular classroom in Sacramento depends on various factors, including size, specifications, and rental duration. Reach out to Mobile Modular for a customized quote based on your specific requirements.

Where can I place a mobile office trailer in Sacramento?

Mobile office trailers in Sacramento can be placed on suitable and permitted sites, including construction sites, business premises, or other locations compliant with local regulations. Consult with Mobile Modular to ensure proper placement

How can I furnish my Sacramento modular office?

Take advantage of our Mobile Modular Plus to find all the furnishings, accessories, and services you need for your modular office in Sacramento.

Is a permit required to place a modular building on your property in Sacramento?

It depends. Some local building departments in Sacramento require permits for modular buildings and others do not. We advise each customer to check with their local building department to make a final determination. We are happy to assist you in addressing any permit requirements that you may need to satisfy the appropriate approval agency; including special foundation systems, ramps, and fire alarm systems.


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