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Modular MRI Unit


Project Partners: Abbeville Area Medical Center

Building Use: Modular MRI Unit

Total Sq. Ft: 620 square feet

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Mobile Modular’s Construction Addressed Budgetary Concerns and Allowed Daily Medical Operations to Continue


Abbeville Area Medical Center was in need of adding a new MRI unit to its existing facility. Due to limited space and the need for a permanent location for their new MRI machine, Abbeville Area Medical Center believed that a modular unit would be more cost-efficient, as opposed to a mobile unit.

The Challenge

The design had to maintain a cohesive architectural aesthetic with the existing campus, the placement had to fit within the available footprint, and the construction had to be carried out in a manner that did not disrupt daily medical operations.

Why Work With Mobile Modular

AMC selected our team because of their experience and proposed solution, which included a single modular building to house the MRI with a connection to an existing walkway integrating the addition to the medical center. Mobile Modular partnered with Canon Medical Systems to help the hospital finance the project for its new MRI unit.

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The Solutions

With a brick exterior, the modular building blends effortlessly into the overall medical center. Modular construction proved to be an effective solution because not only did it minimize operational disruption, but it also allowed site work to progress concurrently with the fabrication of the modular unit, thereby reducing the project schedule.



Customer Name: Abbeville Medical Center

Project Location

Project Location: Abbeville, SC

Building Type

Building Type(s): Healthcare

Total Area

Total Sq. Ft: 620 sq. ft.

New or Used

New or Used Building: New

Job Type

Job Type: Sale

      Modular MRI Unit

      Modular MRI Unit

      Modular MRI Unit

      Modular MRI Unit

      Modular MRI Unit

      Modular MRI Unit

      Modular MRI Unit

      Modular MRI Unit

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