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9,000 sq. ft.

28 Days

Medical Facilities

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Branch Of Government Renovates Medical Center

Mobile Modular delivers a robust yet cost-effective modular medical facility.


Augusta, GA – A branch of the federal government is currently renovating a medical center in Augusta, Georgia. Not long after the Task Order was awarded to a construction firm, revisions of the center’s 12th floor spurred the need to expedite the scheduled completion of select finished medical facilities. Mobile Modular was contracted by Pittman to provide modular office space for center staff.

The client requested that their new Mobile Modular building be usable as fully functional medical facilities as well as efficient general office building space. Their specification included twenty offices and a fully equipped gym.

The 12th floor of the medical center is home to the hospital’s brain trauma group, as well as approximately twenty doctors and therapists, twenty nurses ,and ten administrative personnel. The staff needed to be temporarily moved to a suitable modular workspace while the center’s 12th floor was renovated.


Mobile Modular’s Mid-Atlantic team worked closely with the construction firm to create a modular hospital building covering 9,000 square feet to be used as medical facilities and office space during the renovation.

Early incorporation of this flexible, modular building design enabled Mobile Modular to save a tremendous amount of resources during a demanding renovation project. By being available and responsive to the customer at all times, Mobile Modular’s team was able to complete the new energy-efficient building while exceeding the expectations of even the client.

"Mobile Modular was able to deliver a top-notch product on-time and under budget. From the operations manager to the sales specialist, they have been a pleasure to work with. Their response time to every problem has been outstanding. Mobile Modular was able to provide a top notch product and do it on time and under budget. From the operations manager to the sale specialists, they have been a pleasure to work with. Their response time to every issue has been outstanding."

-Timmy P. - CEO of a construction firm

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