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72 Buildings

January 31, 2019

Classrooms, Restrooms, Dining Buildings, Administration Building

Delivering Temporary Portable Classrooms for 193,000 Students in Florida

Classrooms, Cafeterias, Decks, Ramps, Restrooms

Mobile Modular: Creating an Empowered Learning Environment


With its strong commitment to education and youth empowerment, the school district of Palm Beach County in Florida successfully serves a student population of 193,000 on top of 12,800 teachers, making it the tenth largest district in the nation and the fifth largest in Florida. The district strives to provide a “world-class” education for its population that allows each student to reach their highest potential. Part of this goal means having access to high-quality, state-of-the-industry facilities that give students the space in which to grow and learn. To realize this goal, the district had to completely modernize, upgrade and replace outdated Verde Elementary and Addison Mizner Elementary schools. It was decided that Verde Elementary and Addison Mizner Elementary schools would relocate to a temporary campus for a period of two years. Verde would relocate the first year and Addison Mizner the second, allowing for existing facilities to be demolished and replaced with new facilities. The district turned to Mobile Modular to get the temporary campus up and running.

The Project

Mobile Modular meticulously planned the project logistics, collaborating with the district’s project managers, architects and construction managers. In coordinating the delivery and installation of 78 pre-engineered buildings, the project’s timeline was a critical consideration. Mobile Modular received the first purchase order on January 31, 2019 and started delivering buildings by February 15th. The project called for:

  • 72 ECO II classrooms
  • 1 boy/girl combo 12 x 36 restroom
  • 1 boy-girl combo 24 x 36 restroom
  • 1 ancillary 48 x 36 dining building
  • 1 ancillary 48 x 56 dining building
  • 1 36 x 56 kitchen
  • 1 ancillary 36 x 56 building for administration


Mobile Modular was very good at coordinating with our project team and when met with any challenges they were able to nip it in the bud to get us to a successful completion date.
Virgil Bryan, Director of Design - SDPBC

Throughout the project planning stages, it was important to work with the neighboring community to address the potential impact of increased traffic. Another critical challenge to overcome was time. Communication between the district, Mobile Modular, and numerous vendors was crucial to adhere to the tight schedule.

Successful Solutions

After overcoming hurdles around permitting and energy requirements on some of our older models, we successfully delivered and installed all 78 buildings by the first week of August. Palm Beach County School District expressed great satisfaction with Mobile Modular, our service, and our solutions that helped to create a learning environment aligned with student empowerment and growth. In light of this success, the district is already looking ahead to future partnerships and projects with Mobile Modular going into the summer of 2020.

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