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Remote Mining Housing Facilities


Project Partners: Rio Tinto and the Holden Mine Cleanup

Building Use: 88 beds, full-service dining, kitchen, and recreation facility

Time: Temporary housing, cafeteria, and recreation in 60 days

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Mobile Modular Provided Housing and Other Facilities for Workers in a Remote Area Helping in a Mine Cleanup

The Challenge

The Holden Mine Cleanup Project located in a remote area on Lake Chelan in the state of Washington was a $200-plus million effort to remediate and address issues with a heavy metal mine that ceased operations during the late 1950s. The mine cleanup was led by Rio Tinto and was necessary to prevent future water and soil contamination in the lake.

The Solution

In desperate need of housing and dining for the workers, Mobile Modular was called upon to provide an immediate and cost-effective solution. Mobile Modular provided 88 beds with a full-service dining, kitchen, and recreation facility.

Why Call Mobile Modular

Mobile Modular was hired as the turnkey modular contractor to handle the project from start to finish. The work involved the removal of an existing facility located in Williston, North Dakota, and transportation of the modules from North Dakota to the doc on Lake Chelan for the modules to be shipped by boat and installed at the final location at Holden Mine.

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Customer Name: Rio Tinto

Project Location

Project Location: Lake Chelan, WA

Building Type

Building Type(s): Temporary Housing, Cafeteria, and Recreation Building


Module Count: 23

Total Area

Total Sq. Ft: 14,000 sq. ft.


Days to Complete: 60

Remote Mining Housing Facilities 1
Remote Mining Housing Facilities 2
Remote Mining Housing Facilities 3
Remote Mining Housing Facilities 4
Remote Mining Housing Facilities 5
Remote Mining Housing Facilities 6
Remote Mining Housing Facilities 7
Remote Mining Housing Facilities 8
Remote Mining Housing Facilities 9

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