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Modular Control Shed


Project Partners: LaGrange Lock and Dam

Building Use: Modular Control Shed

Total Sq. Ft: 64 square feet

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Mobile Modular Updated a Movable Control Shed to Safely House Dam Controls


LaGrange Lock and Dam is a complex on the Illinois River at Versailles, Illinois. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the complex from 1936 to 1939. LaGrange Lock and Dam needed a Control Shed that would be placed inside the dam area to control the dam and locks. When river waters rise, the control shed needs to be moved out of the dam for safety reasons.

The Solutions

Mobile Modular was contracted to provide two 8×8 modular units for their ease of portability and quick electrical disconnect to relocate out of the dam area. The walls are composed of 3″ thick composite sandwich panels and have a 90 MPH wind load. This unit is also constructed with a 1/12 pitch shed roof, 20 gauge insulated steel doors with glass, LED lights, an electrical package for quick release during transport, and an HVAC system.

The entire modular building is soundproof due to the high noise capacity of the dam. The building was constructed on a skid mount frame, so it can easily be relocated with a forklift as the water levels fluctuate.

Why Call Mobile Modular

By utilizing modular construction and leveraging the experience of the Mobile Modular project team, our client was able to maintain their leadership position and continue their mission to be a global frontrunner in their industry.

If you have any questions about modular building specifications, installation, turnaround time, size specifications, damage cover, insurance, contractual obligations, or adherence to building codes, browse through our comprehensive FAQs section or call us at 866-473-2495.

Our expertise, attention to detail, and end-to-end service is the reason why we continually rank high in customer satisfaction. We understand deadlines and work closely with you to deliver the unit you want on time and budget. Get your project started with Mobile Modular today!



Customer Name: LaGrange Lock and Dam

Project Location

Project Location: Versailles, IL

Building Type

Building Type(s): Modular Control Shed

Total Area

Total Sq. Ft: 64 sq. ft.

New or Used

New or Used Building: New

Job Type

Job Type: Sale

      Modular Control Shed

      Modular Control Shed

      Modular Control Shed

      Modular Control Shed

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