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When the NFL Calls, We Jump!


Project Location: Oxnard, CA

Building Use: Training Complex

Total Square Feet: 16,944 sq.ft.

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Mobile Modular Helps Build Pro-Player Training Complex


As the most valuable team in all of sports, according to Forbes magazine, this Dallas-based football team came off a challenging year looking to start training camp on the right foot with the goal of getting to the playoffs again.

Once the team identified the Residence Inn in Oxnard, CA for its training location, preparations got underway. The complex would need to service a wide range of uses and be fully functional by the time the team arrived. For this project to work, adhering to a strict timeline was everything.

The Challenge

The league and the state of California were slow to greenlight the project, but Mobile Modular finally got the go-ahead from the team on June 18, giving us a mere two weeks to set up 27 floors of a training complex! Normally a project such as this would take months to plan and execute.

Project planning required the participation and input from multiple parties, including the hotel, golf course, subcontractors, and the city of Oxnard. With this level of coordination, everything had to move forward like clockwork. Adding to the ultra-tight timeline was the pandemic-related uncertainty of sports in California, as well as NFL restrictions.

Our team worked round the clock to make sure everything would be up and running by the time the team arrived. It was definitely crunch time, but we made it happen and began delivering and installing units on June 24.

Our Solutions

Together our project manager, set crew, operations team, and inventory center collaborated to deliver:

  • One 72 x 40 modular to be used for training
  • One 36 x 60 modular for equipment
  • Five 24 x 60 office units for coaching staff and marketing team
  • Three 12 x 60 modulars
  • One 12 x 32 modular
  • One 24 x 40 unit for NFL films
  • One 12 x 60 unit for NFL films

And at the last second the team decided to throw in one more 12-by-40-foot unit to be used as a COVID testing facility. After rapid-fire logistics and a ton of hard work, our team made it happen. The trailers were ready, doors open, and practice could start when the team arrived, fired up and ready to go, on July 20!

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Why Call Mobile Modular

By utilizing modular construction and leveraging the experience of the Mobile Modular project team, our client was able to maintain their leadership position and continue their mission to be a global frontrunner in their industry.

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Mobile Modular Helps Build Pro-Player Training Complex


Customer Name: National Football League (NFL)

Project Location

Project Location: Oxnard, CA

Building Type

Building Type(s): Office, Medical

Total Area

Total Sq. Ft: 16,944 Sq. Ft

(1) - 72 x 40 modular training room

(1) - 36 x 60 modular for equipment

(5) 24 x 60 office units

(3) - 12 x 60 modulars

(1) - 12 x 32 modular

(1) - 24 x 40 unit

(1) 12 x 60 unit

(1) 12x60 modular medical building


Permanent or Temporary: Permanent

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