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Sophisticated Modular Vaccine Buildings in 30 Days


Project Location: Florida

Building Use: (8) customized vaccination medical buildings

Total Square Feet: 8,000 sq.ft.

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Mobile Modular Custom Solutions Help Meet Vaccination Needs


Since 2006, Florida-based DMG has helped remedy urgent global crises and incidents with its full line of products and services. Specializing in the design, construction, operation, and management of base camps and temporary life-supporting facilities, the company was fully prepared to meet the demands of a global pandemic. So when a large pharmaceutical company needed customized vaccine buildings ASAP, DMG teamed up with Mobile Modular Custom Solutions to get the job done.


The pharmaceutical company requested eight hard-wall custom buildings, all with precise HEPA air filtration systems and each constructed to meet the specific needs of the COVID-19 pandemic, including medical and clinical requirements. Buildings were to be installed at locations across the US from coast to coast.

While the specs may seem fairly straightforward, the big challenge was to get all eight 1,000-square-foot units delivered on time and fully ready for use in less than 30 days! A tall order, but everyone got to work, teamed up, and made it happen.


With a highly sophisticated project such as this, it’s essential to get all moving parts in synch and working as one as quickly as possible. The Custom Modular Solutions team, consisting of the design manager, construction services, and business development personnel, immediately set about working up schematics and moving forward on design collaboration. Once design got the sign-off, the procurement process barreled ahead and assembly began in the safety of an enclosed manufacturing space, ensuring optimal quality control.

Overall, the specificity and attention to detail of the custom modular process was ideal in order to meet the project’s complex medical requirements. The process affords a level of constant supervision that traditional site-built construction simply can’t accommodate.

Adding to the high level of quality control, all processes happen simultaneously, with third-party inspectors already at the factory, poised to inspect and approve immediately upon structure completion. Once the structures pass the quality test and get the go-ahead, they’re transported, installed, and ready to be used within only hours of delivery!

Making It Happen

Thanks to incredible teamwork, Mobile Modular Custom Solutions completed 8,000 square feet of highly complex, sophisticated medical buildings in less than the requested 30-day deadline.

Moreover, the team successfully took the project from schematics to construction to delivery like clockwork, helping to contribute to the national vaccination program.

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By utilizing modular construction and leveraging the experience of the Mobile Modular project team, our client was able to maintain their leadership position and continue their mission to be a global frontrunner in their industry.

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Custom Vaccination Centers


Customer Name: Disaster Management Group

Project Location

Project Location: Florida

Building Type

Building Type(s): Medical, Custom Modular Solution, Disaster Response

Total Area

Total Sq. Ft: 8,000 sq. ft. (8) single-wide


Permanent or Temporary: Temporary

Sophisticated Modular Vaccine Buildings in 30 Days 1
Sophisticated Modular Vaccine Buildings in 30 Days 2
Sophisticated Modular Vaccine Buildings in 30 Days 3
Sophisticated Modular Vaccine Buildings in 30 Days 4
Sophisticated Modular Vaccine Buildings in 30 Days 5
Sophisticated Modular Vaccine Buildings in 30 Days 6

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