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Modular Alternative Education Building


Project Partners: Spring Lake Alternative Schools

Building Use: 4 Modular Classrooms, Restrooms

Time: 62 days

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Mobile Modular Builds Permanent Modular Classrooms for Spring Lake High School


The Alternative Education Program at Spring Lake High School in Spring Lake, MI, had been housed in 25-year-old modular buildings located in the bus garage parking lot. The district wanted an upgraded facility that would provide the students with an educational environment that was equal to that of the recently updated high school. The building sits in a picturesque setting surrounded by a pond and is within a short walk of the main high school campus. Utilizing the existing property was of utmost importance to the district because they wanted the alternative students to have access to activities at the main campus.

The Process

Our team constructed a 4-classroom permanent modular school building with offices and restrooms. The building sits on a permanent block foundation with a crawl space and features Whitley Manufacturing’s High-Profile Roof System. The roof was factory-installed with a flat profile. Once the building was installed, the hinged roof was lifted to create a 4:12 pitch, giving it an aesthetically pleasing, site-built look. Spring Lake’s modular facility upgrade for their alternative education program has had a positive impact on the students and is viewed by the community as money well spent.

Why Work With Mobile Modular

This modular building project, completed in 62 days, came in under budget. Eco-friendly features include Bard gas wall-mounted HVAC units with CRVs and CO2 sensors to provide fresh air and an improved learning environment. The building also features recyclable carpet tiles, low-energy electronic ballast lighting fixtures with T-8 bulbs, room occupancy sensors, and a hot water re-circulation system for the restrooms.

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Spring Lake Schools


Customer Name: Spring Lake Schools

Project Location

Project Location: Spring Lake, MI.

Building Type

Building Type(s): Education

Total Area

Total Sq. Ft: 4,700 sq. ft.

New or Used

New or Used Building: Used

Job Type

Job Type: Sale

      Modular Alternative Education Building

      Modular Alternative Education Building

      Modular Alternative Education Building

      Modular Alternative Education Building

      Modular Alternative Education Building

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