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Modular Classrooms


Project Partners: West Northfield School District 31

Building Use: Modular Classrooms

Total Sq. Ft: 9,588 square feet

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Mobile Modular Provided a Permanent Solution to Help Maintain Classroom Sizes


Mobile Modular was contacted by West Northfield SD 31 in February 2018 to provide a proposal for a permanent space solution. Previously, they were accommodating expanding programs that required additional space to maintain small classroom sizes and wanted to add an FT Kindergarten, teacher workrooms, meeting space, and preschool services provided by the regional Special Ed district.

The Challenge

Their goal was to add these facilities during the 2018 calendar year. A full brick exterior, approved by the local appearance commission, was installed on-site and the modular addition blends seamlessly with the existing school.

The Solution

Mobile Modular provided a 9588 sq. foot, 10 module building with a convenient 12’x 64’ modular connector, to allow direct access to the existing building.

Why Call Mobile Modular

By utilizing modular construction and leveraging the experience of the Mobile Modular project team, our client was able to maintain their leadership position and continue their mission to be a global frontrunner in their industry.

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Customer Name: West Northfield School District 31

Project Location

Project Location: Glenview, IL

Building Type

Building Type(s): Modular Classroom

Building Size

Building Size(s): 125’ x 70’

Total Area

Total Sq. Ft: 9,588 sq. ft.

New or Used

New or Used Building: New

Job Type

Job Type: Sale

      Modular Classrooms

      Modular Classrooms

      Modular Classrooms

      Modular Classrooms

      Modular Classrooms

      Modular Classrooms

      Modular Classrooms

      Modular Classrooms

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