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Kick off 2020 with New Year’s Sales on Modular Buildings!
Kick off 2020 with New Year’s Sales on Modular Buildings!

Modular Buildings Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get a modular building delivered?

Typically, in-stock standard plan buildings can be delivered the following business day. For buildings that require customization, the delivery time will vary based upon the extent of the modifications.

What if I want to have my modular building moved after the initial installation?

Whether on site, or between cities, Mobile Modular will arrange for relocation of your modular buildings. By contacting your local Mobile Modular office at 800-944-3442 or through our On-Line Request Service Form all of the necessary arrangements can be made including site visits, time frames, and all transportation and site related work.

How much notice should I provide prior to requesting to have my modular building returned?

We request that a 30-day notice be provided. However, we understand that there may be times in which a customer may require an earlier removal date. In these instances, we work with each customer to do everything within our power to accommodate their needs.

How can I tell if a modular building will fit on my site?

The best way to insure that a particular size of building will fit on your site is to contact Mobile Modular and request a site visit. We will have a representative come to your site to assess both the proposed building location, as well as the access route to be taken. This is the safest method to determine whether or not a building size is suitable for your site conditions. Under certain circumstances, a nominal fee may be charged for this service. To contact your local Mobile Modular office call 800-944-3442 or Email Us.

What should I know when considering a modular building for my site?

There are a variety of items to considering when thinking about using a modular solution for your project. Our representatives can answer your questions and share information to help you in your process. You can also refer to the below worksheet to prompt additional considerations.

How much space do I need to accommodate delivery of a container?

While we can work with you to deal with challenging site conditions or obstacles, there are some general guidelines for delivery clearance. The attached specifications sheet provides information on our variety of sizes.

What is the range of modular building sizes that can be ordered?

Mobile Modular has a wide array of standard sizes in stock and ready for delivery, an example of these is provided below. If you need a unique size, smaller or larger than the below, we can provide a building to suit your purpose. Standard building sizes range from:


  • Standard Single-Wides - 8'x20' (160 Sq.Ft.) to 12'x60' (720 Sq.Ft.)
  • Multi-Module Complexes - 24'x40' (960 Sq.Ft.) to 210'x120' (25,200 Sq.Ft.) and larger

Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

  • Standard Single-Wides - 8'x20' (160 Sq.Ft.) to 14'x70' (980 Sq.Ft.)
  • Multi-Module Complexes - 24'x32' (768 Sq.Ft.) to 210'x120' (25,200 Sq.Ft.) and larger


  • Standard Single-Wides - 12'x40' (480 Sq.Ft.) to 12'x56' (672 Sq.Ft.)
  • Multi-Module Complexes - 24'x36 (864 Sq.Ft) to 144'x56 (8064 Sq.Ft)

Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia

  • Standard Single-Wides - 12'x42' (504 Sq.Ft.) to 12'x56' (672 Sq.Ft.)
  • Multi-Module Complexes - 24'x56' (1,344 Sq.Ft.) to 60'x60' (3,600 Sq.Ft.) and larger

What is the cost per square foot to buy a modular building?

The cost will vary based upon both the size and level of customization of the building. By contacting your local Mobile Modular office at 800-944-3442 or through our Online Request A Quote page, a salesperson can review your building requirements and provide you with an appropriate price.

What is the cost per square foot to rent a modular building?

The cost will vary based upon the size, level of customization and length of rental term. By contacting your local Mobile Modular office at 800-944-3442 or through our Online Request A Quote page, a salesperson can review your building requirements and provide you with an appropriate price.

When I add a building to my "Quote Cart", am I obligated in any way?

No. You are just requesting quotation information on selected buildings to assist you in your procurement decision making process.

How do I select the most cost-effective and appropriate building for my needs?

Selecting a building that is already closely configured to your floor plan needs (i.e. - # of private offices, # of restrooms, placement of exterior doors and windows, etc.) will provide you with the most cost-effective pricing and quickest delivery schedule. If you require specific information regarding occupancy code requirements for educational, assembly, childcare, general office space or any other usage, we can provide you with guidance and information that will assist you in selecting the most appropriate building from our inventory. Our buildings can be modified by our production staff to include any missing features that you desire.

We suggest you search the database and as you find a building that suits your needs move it to the Quote Cart. When you have several possibilities that will meet your needs, call us directly at 800-944-3442. Together, we can review your selections and determine the building or buildings that are best suited for your needs. You can then complete your online request. During non-business hours simply submit your selections and we’ll get back to you first thing the next business day.

What if I can't find the exact building I am looking for?

Mobile Modular can customize a building to meet your specific needs. We have the largest and most advanced state-of-the-art production facilities and skilled workforce in the industry for modifying modular buildings. We are able to provide virtually any modification including, adding doors, windows, interior partitioning, restrooms, floor coverings, special heating/air-conditioning/ventilation and customer specified exterior / interior wall finishes. Due to the investment we have made in our production infrastructure, we can turn-around customization work very quickly so that we can meet your delivery schedule.

It still will serve you to find a building size and floor plan from our inventory that comes closest to what your requirements are. You can then specify in the "Comments" box in the "Quote Cart" what additional features you desire. Buildings are scheduled to come back all the time, but would not yet appear on the inventory. One of these might just fit your needs.

How many buildings may I request a quote on?

There is no stated limit. However, unless you require different building sizes, specifications, or floor plans, you would only need to submit one building for quotation.

What happens if I am not sure of which regional inventory center in which to browse for buildings?

You should select the inventory center that is closest to the site where the building will be located. For California, site locations that are north of and include San Luis Obispo extending east to the Nevada border are handled by the Northern California inventory center. Site locations to the south of San Luis Obispo extending east to the Nevada border are handled by the Southern California inventory center.

How quickly will I receive my quotation information?

In virtually all cases a representative will contact you within one (1) hour of our receipt of your request, during normal business hours.

What if I experience a problem with my rented modular building?

Mobile Modular has the most extensive field service team in the industry. We have our own staff of modular building mechanics and fleet of service vehicles. If you should experience a problem with your modular building, simply call us at 800-944-3442 or use our On-Line Request Service Form. We will respond to your request promptly and work to complete the repairs as soon as possible.

Mobile Modular also provides field service for purchased buildings beyond their original warranty period and for other customer-owned buildings. Customers will be charged on a time and material basis based on the extent of work required.

Why am I being asked to sign a lease or sale agreement?

Mobile Modular’s Lease Agreement or Sale Agreement document contains contractual language that pertains specifically to the leasing or selling of the equipment we offer. Our agreement outlines both our obligations to you as the Lessee or Buyer, as well as your obligations to us.

While we will consider using a customer’s purchase order or contract in lieu of our standard agreement if there are special circumstances, our preference is to use our standard agreement because the language is protective to both parties and is specific to the nature of the relationship between Lessee/Buyer and Lessor/Seller.

Please note that if you have concerns or questions or would like to negotiate changes to specific language in our agreement, our legal department will work with you to negotiate terms as needed.

What’s Personal Property Expense (PPE)? My company/organization is tax exempt. Shouldn’t we be exempt from paying PPE?

Personal Property Expense (PPE) refers to fees that may be imposed by local tax jurisdictions (usually counties) in most states or fees related to the titling and registration of rental equipment in the state of California, which are charged to the owner of the rental equipment.

It is a very common practice for the companies who rent equipment to pass this expense along to customers in the form of a fee charged on monthly rental invoices.

These fees are assessed against the equipment owner, regardless of whether the Lessee utilizing the equipment is tax exempt, therefore, your organization’s tax exemption status does not make your organization exempt from paying PPE.

Why does your contract say that it’s subject to credit approval? What does that entail?

Much in the same way that a credit evaluation would be conducted for leasing residential or commercial property, Mobile Modular needs to ensure that we’re entrusting our rental property to organizations who have the capability of meeting the financial obligations of leasing or purchasing our equipment and who will treat our property in an appropriate manner. Each order is reviewed by our Credit Department. Depending upon their review, your organization may be required to fill out a credit application, pay a security deposit and/or pay some charges in advance of delivery.

Why does your contract state that there will be a cleaning charge?

When equipment returns to us there are several things that need to be done to return it to our standard condition and get it ready to rent to the next customer. This charge is similar to what you would pay if you stayed in a vacation rental – our buildings are professionally cleaned before each shipment.

Your contract says that we’ll be charged for damages beyond normal wear and tear. What’s considered normal wear and tear?

What we consider to be normal wear and tear may vary depending on the length of time you keep the equipment. Generally speaking however, if you make any changes to the building that will need to be reversed and/or repaired before we can lease the building to another customer, there will be charges for the labor and materials involved in restoring the building to our standard specifications. Here are some specific things to be aware of:
  • Any objects, such as nails, screws, pipes, conduit, j-boxes or anything else larger than a thumb tack that penetrates either interior or exterior wall panels will require repairs or material replacement to return the equipment to our standard condition.
  • Use of chair mats to protect flooring from excessive wear patterns caused by rolling chairs is necessary.
  • Attaching items to walls with tape or other adhesives may cause damage which will require panel replacement. Use of thumb tacks is a good alternative.
  • Installation of phone and/or data wires, fire or other alarm systems may cause damage to wall surfaces requiring repairs or material replacement. If wires or conduits are left in place when the equipment is returned, there will be charges for the removal of those items.
  • Painting the exterior of the equipment any colors other than those the equipment arrived in may result in charges to repaint the equipment.
  • Painting interior wall panels will result in significant charges for replacement of materials
  • Making changes to finishes such as flooring, wall coverings, etc. will result in charges both to remove your materials and replace with our standard materials. While the finishes you select may be beautiful, we have standard finishes and need to maintain our fleet of equipment to those standards.
  • If locks have been rekeyed or if keys aren’t returned with the building, you may be charged to replace keys and/or locking mechanisms.
  • You will be responsible for any damage to the equipment resulting from graffiti, theft of components or other forms of vandalism.
  • Any alterations to the electrical panel will result in charges for returning the equipment to standard specifications.
  • Failure to remove personal property you’ve installed on or in the building, such as awnings, window coverings, posters or other décor, furniture, electronics or debris/trash, will result in charges for the removal and disposal of such items.
  • If any accessories or components such as window coverings, security screens/bars, marker boards, fire extinguishers, wall clocks, stairs, plumbing manifolds or fixtures were delivered with the equipment and are not returned with the equipment, there will be charges to replace such items.
Please familiarize yourself with our Service Guide ( to ensure you’re aware of your responsibilities for maintenance of the equipment while it’s in your care.

Why does your contract allow you to adjust prices?

We make every effort to provide a thorough and accurate quote for your project. There are times when it is not practical to conduct a thorough site visit prior to quoting or issuing a contract. Additionally, it is possible that we have conducted a site visit, however conditions on site may change between the site visit and time of delivery/set up. In those cases, we may pass along additional charges when appropriate, however we will make every reasonable effort to ensure you’re aware of the additional work needed and the resulting charges before proceeding.

  • Driver waiting time – this charge would be applicable if our driver arrives on site and is unable to proceed with delivering due to some unforeseen delay on your site.
  • Pilot car requirements – In some cases, cities or counties may require our hauling companies to have the building accompanied by a pilot car during transport for safety purposes. Our hauling companies will notify us prior to delivery if the county or city is requiring this service for your delivery. If pilot cars are required, we will inform you of the additional charges prior to your scheduled delivery, if we were unable to provide that information on the initial quote.
  • Special transport permits – These permit requirements are determined by individual counties or cities. Many times these items will be called out on the initial quote, however there are times when we are not informed that such permits are required until shortly before the scheduled delivery. If permits are required, we will inform you of the additional charges prior to your scheduled delivery.
  • Difficult site – There are times when site conditions require our vendors to maneuver the building into position because the designated placement of the building can’t be reached by the delivery truck, which requires additional labor. Similarly, there are times when the site is out of level which requires the vendor to do additional work to ensure the building is plumb. In some cases, it will be known and quoted in advance, however there are times when it is not possible to know about additional labor needs prior to delivery. If additional labor due to a difficult site is necessary upon delivery/set up, we will inform you of such charges when we become aware of them.
  • Increase in fuel price – generally speaking, we will not adjust our haul pricing due to fuel increases on deliveries. There may be unusual circumstances that would necessitate this, but they are rare. For example, if we issued a contract with one anticipated delivery date and you choose to delay the delivery for an extended period, we may find it necessary to adjust the hauling prices if fuel prices have increased dramatically since your contract was created.
  • Return related charges – The prices related to return of the equipment are quoted at the initiation of the lease and will be honored if the equipment is returned at or prior to the expiration of the initial lease term, barring unforeseen changes in site conditions which may necessitate additional work upon dismantle and removal. If the building is kept beyond the original lease term, the costs we pay our vendors for hauling and the preparation of the equipment for removal may have been adjusted between the time the lease initiated and when the return is taking place. In those cases, we must recuperate our costs and will provide you with a quotation detailing the current charges following your request to return the equipment.

Are there insurance requirements associated with renting a modular building?

Yes. Customers are required to provide the following insurance coverage:

  • General Liability insurance with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence, naming Mobile Modular Management Corporation as an additional insured.
  • Property insurance coverage for the loss, theft, destruction or damage of the modular building in an amount not less than the full replacement value as stated in the lease agreement.

Why do you require Property Insurance? Can we obtain insurance through Mobile Modular? Do you offer a damage waiver?

Property insurance coverage is a policy created specifically for the rental of a specific piece of equipment. Your contract reflects the insurance value of the equipment you are leasing. When the equipment is in your possession, you are solely responsible for it. If anything happens to the equipment, such as vandalism, fire, theft, natural disasters, etc., you will be responsible for reimbursing Mobile Modular for the full insurance value of the equipment. It is in your best interest to obtain an insurance policy that will cover such a loss, were it to occur. Should you fail to obtain such insurance, you will still be held responsible for payment of the stated insurance value of the equipment, even if you don’t have the proper insurance coverage.

Can we obtain property insurance coverage through Mobile Modular or does Mobile Modular offer a damage waiver option?

At this time, Mobile Modular does not offer either insurance coverage or a damage waiver option.

Why do you require General Liability Insurance?

We require this form of insurance to protect our company in the event of accidents, injuries or any other losses, lawsuits or other types of claims which may arise in connection with your possession or use of the equipment. While the equipment is in your care and/or possession, Mobile Modular cannot be held responsible for any activities occurring in, on or near the equipment.

Why are we required to provide insurance when we are purchasing the equipment?

Until sale balance has been paid in full, Mobile Modular maintains title to and ownership of the equipment and therefore maintains an interest in the condition of the equipment. In the event that the equipment is damaged or destroyed between the time that the equipment is delivered/set up and prior to your payment for it in full, we must be certain that Mobile Modular will be paid for the remaining balance owed.

Why are we required to indemnify Mobile Modular?

A lot can happen in and around a modular building when it’s out of our care and control. As the Lessee, you are required to protect, indemnify and hold Mobile Modular harmless because we don’t have any control over what happens in, on or around our equipment when it isn’t in our possession. You as Lessee are solely responsible for anything that happens to any persons or property in, on or around the equipment. Our waiver and indemnification clause serves to enforces that responsibility should any legal proceedings be brought about in relation to your lease or use of the equipment.

Can the lease be extended beyond the original contracted term?

Yes. Following the completion of your initial lease term, your lease will continue automatically on a month-to month basis unless you schedule the equipment to be returned at the end of the lease term. You may also contact our office to request a formal extension of the lease for a specified period of time. In the event that you keep the equipment longer than the original lease term, the rental rate and dismantle/return delivery charges may be revised to reflect current market conditions. If you have questions regarding the extension of your rental term, contact us at 800-944-3442 or Email Us.

What if I determine that I want to purchase the equipment I’m currently leasing?

If you wish to purchase the modular building you are currently leasing, simply call us at 800-944-3442 or Email Us. At the time of contacting us, please have your lease contract number available (the number is noted on all Mobile Modular documents). We will gladly provide you with a purchase price.

Do stairs or ramps come with the modular building?

Standard stairs and handicapped access ramps/landings are available for rent with all buildings. Standard stairs will require final placement by the customer and adjustment to the threshold of the door or to grade. The customer is responsible for completing these adjustments, unless contracted for separately with Mobile Modular. Handicapped access ramps and landings can be provided by Mobile Modular to meet your requirements.

Can Mobile Modular make arrangements for electrical, plumbing and other site related work?

Yes. Mobile Modular can arrange for site related construction work including foundation systems, utility connections, skirting, ramps, stairs, permit processing, canopies, fire sprinkler systems and project management.

Is a permit required to place a modular building on your property?

It depends. Some local building departments require permits for modular buildings and others do not. We advise each customer to check with their local building department to make a final determination. We are happy to assist you in addressing any permit requirements that you may need to satisfy the appropriate approval agency; including special foundation systems, ramps, and fire alarm systems.

How many square feet should I use per person to calculate a building size?

The building code requirements and the customer's comfort level with specific sizes of work or activity space are the most important items to consider when determining an appropriate building size. There are some standard square footage guidelines for different building uses listed below that can assist you in determining an approximate building size.
  • Education (Classroom) - 30 sq.ft. per student
  • General Office Space - 100 sq.ft. per person
  • Assembly Space - 15 sq.ft. per person

Will modular buildings meet all of the appropriate building codes?

Local building departments may require that foundation systems to be used in conjunction with the modular building installation meet either permanent or temporary standards. In addition, local building and planning departments have responsibility for determining the standards for handicapped access, site utilities and aesthetic elements (paint colors, roofline treatments, etc.). Mobile Modular is very experienced in working with local building authorities and can assist our customers in dealing with these agencies, as well as providing for any additional items that may be required.
  • California Buildings - All of Mobile Modular's buildings are approved by one of three different agencies: Department of Housing and Community Development (DOH), Division of the State Architect (DSA) or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Each of these agencies has pre-emptive authority for the construction requirements for buildings falling under their respective jurisdiction.
  • Florida Buildings - All of Mobile Modular's buildings are approved by the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and education buildings are also approved by Clemons, Rutherford and Associates (CRA). Each of these agencies ensures that such units, systems, or component parts are in full compliance with the Florida Building Code.
  • Mid-Atlantic Buildings - All of Mobile Modular's buildings in the Mid-Atlantic are approved for North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI), Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), and Maryland/District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). Each of these agencies has pre-emptive authority for the construction requirements for buildings falling under their respective jurisdiction.
  • Texas Buildings - Although Mobile Modular has available both Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) decal and International Building Code Congress (IBCC) buildings, these agencies do not have preemptive authority for the construction of modular buildings. Prior to arranging for shipment of a building, it is important for customers to verify with their local building department what construction standards are required. Mobile Modular typically can comply with these requirements and will work with the local building department to meet their standards.

How long will a modular building last?

Mobile Modular's buildings are built to meet building codes that are very similar to those required of conventionally constructed buildings. Further, Mobile Modular requires significantly higher standards for the construction of its entire rental product. This means provided a modular building is maintained in an appropriate manner, its life span should be consistent with that of conventional structures.

Do the buildings come with electrical outlets?

Yes, Mobile Modular's buildings come with electrical outlets. Typically, on standard buildings duplex outlets are placed on perimeter walls and are spaced approximately every 12'. On customized building floor plans electrical outlets can be provided for either wall-mounted or floor mounted access to serve private offices, computer network storage areas, open work areas, kitchen appliances, restroom facilities or any other special needs of the customer.

Do they have heating and air-conditioning?

Yes, virtually every building comes equipped with a heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. Most buildings have end wall HVAC units (some buildings have roof-mounted) which are ducted above the ceiling to provide ventilation to different parts of the building. On the smallest building sizes the HVAC unit is a free-blow system.

Are they insulated?

Yes, Mobile Modular's buildings are insulated to meet various building code and energy efficiency requirements.

Do they have to look like a trailer?

No. By utilizing various options offered by Mobile Modular your modular building can look as permanent as conventionally built structures. Elements such as skirting, canopies, custom rooflines, recessed or pit set installations and storefront window/door treatments are available to enhance the look of permanency of the building. By visiting the Photo Library you can view installations with these different treatments.

How much does a container weigh?

The empty weight of a container varies, the below specification sheet will give you an indication of what to expect.

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