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Advantages of Custom Modular Solutions

The modular construction process offers numerous benefits that outweigh traditional construction. From reducing site disruption to improved overall safety and security, modular construction is quickly becoming the first choice for all major industries. Mobile Modular offers smart, customized modular solutions to meet your unique needs.

Explore the advantages today!

Traditional vs Modular Construction

Comparing a conventional construction project timeline of 120 days to a modular construction, the potential time savings is up to 40 days.

Why Mobile Modular?

A complete turnkey project. We can handle it all.

Our solutions-based custom builds are ideal for all major industries, nationwide. The numerous benefits that custom modular solutions provide make it a compelling option.


Your custom design is built to the same codes as conventional construction.

Site Impact

Modular units can arrive on site up to 95% complete, limiting impact to site and surrounding areas.

Time Saving

Off-site construction occurs in parallel with site preparation, substantially reducing your project timeline.


Less site labor equates to less safety risk as the majority of the work is performed in a controlled environment with rigorous safety processes.


Modular buildings offer a greener, safer option with less waste.

Cost Savings

Off-site labor, production efficiencies, and shortened construction schedules are key factors to reducing costs.

Infographic Advantages
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