Avoid Seasonal Construction Delays

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    August 11, 2017

    Avoid Seasonal Construction Delays

    Whether working on a year or month-long projects, builders are bound to face weather related hurdles. Recently, the construction of the Twin Bridges in Henderson County, North Carolina was delayed due to continued snowfall. The crew could not reach the site due to the large amount of snow and this caused major inconveniences to traffic needed to be rerouted.1

    Harsh weather can make construction projects more expensive with delayed construction schedules, ruined construction material, and can even damage tools and equipment.  

    What’s worse – Each type of weather event can delay construction differently. Here is our guide to avoiding different seasonal construction delays.

    1. Rain 

    When it rains, on-site work can come to a screeching halt. Not only does this delay construction timelines, but it can also damage exposed portions of the building, flood low-lying areas, and can lead to excavating the job site. Heavy downpours can set your project back significantly since a lot of damage control, and cleanup is required before you can safely resume construction.

    2. Snow

    It goes without saying that freezing weather and snow get in the way. Construction hindrances, in this case, go beyond just delays. Extreme cold can freeze paint and weaken cement and concrete when ice crystals form. Ice can freeze up pipes and damage equipment. Workers are also at risk of getting sick with hypothermia.

    3. Wind

    Heavy winds can become threatening during storms by moving materials. Winds can sway beams being hoisted to the top of the building and unbalance the load on cables. Strong winds can also destruct partially completed work and material stacks which can lead to lethal accidents.

    4. Extreme Heat

    Extreme heat is no better than extreme cold. Workers can suffer from severe heat strokes on site and dehydration. Heat also affects the strength of concrete. Premature settling due to the heat can make concrete weaker. Paint exposed to extreme heat can blister and can even crack.

    A Construction Solution for All Weather Delays

    No matter how well you prepare, sometimes there is still unforeseen accidents and damage to the site from bad weather. You need to anticipate the unexpected and make sure you have a plan in place to protect your construction investment.

    You can avoid major weather-related disruptions and delays by using offsite construction. This is how modular buildings are built. Modular or prefabricated buildings consist of many units or modules, each of which is constructed indoor in a factory. That way the buildings don’t face wear and tear from bad weather. Construction can go on without interruptions since 60 to 90 percent of construction occurs indoors, based on the level of customization you need.

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