These Benefits Are Why Commercial Modular Construction is Growing in Popularity

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    November 6, 2020

    These Benefits Are Why Commercial Modular Construction is Growing in Popularity

    You’re contemplating your next significant commercial construction project for your enterprise. Lately, you've been hearing a lot about modular construction, but you're uncertain about its advantages and if it aligns with your vision.
    We understand your concerns, and we're here to enlighten you on the merits and potential of modular construction.
    In this article, we'll discuss the advantages of opting for modular construction for your upcoming commercial building venture. These insights are derived from our firsthand experiences, feedback from other modular construction firms, and the latest findings from industry reports.

    The Benefits of Modular Construction

    The rising inclination towards modular construction is intriguing because it offers benefits to all stakeholders involved, from investors and architects to engineers and general contractors.

    Benefit #1) Increased Efficiency Leads to Shorter Timelines

    For a long time, we've emphasized that modular construction can complete your project quicker than traditional methods. By leveraging off-site construction, Mobile Modular ensures that site preparation and initial utilities are set up while your commercial structure is being efficiently assembled in a controlled environment.
    Recent studies indicate that commercial projects utilizing a modular approach can reduce their expected completion time by up to 50%. This means you can start reaping the benefits of your investment sooner than with conventional construction.

    Benefit #2) Enhanced Quality Control During Construction

    Off-site construction offers superior quality control due to its systematic assembly process. Your building components are put together in a controlled environment, safeguarding both the materials and the workforce from external elements like rain and humidity.
    It's worth noting that modular construction adheres to the same building codes as on-site construction. However, the permitting process is more streamlined, allowing for simultaneous approvals for different construction phases.

    Benefit #3) Strong Support From Commercial Contractors and Designers

    Reports suggest that contractors are keen on more designs that incorporate modular construction. Similarly, designers express a wish for closer collaboration with modular manufacturing facilities.

    Benefit #4) Predictable Costs and Pricing

    Modular construction offers various cost-effective solutions, allowing clients to buy, lease, or co-op purchase based on their requirements and financial standing. A significant advantage of modular construction is the early-stage design and planning, which often results in more predictable pricing. This means your final costs are likely to align closely with the initial estimates.

    Benefit #5) Enhanced Safety for Workforce

    Modular construction prioritizes worker safety with stringent standards in manufacturing plants. Workers have easy access to essential safety equipment and operate in a controlled environment, minimizing risks like slips and falls.

    Benefit #6) Accurate Project Timelines

    With modular construction, not only are your costs predictable, but your timelines are too. Due to meticulous pre-planning and optimal working conditions, project variables are more foreseeable, ensuring you can occupy your new space as scheduled.

    Benefit #7) Eco-friendly Construction

    If eco-friendly construction is a priority for you and your stakeholders, modular construction is an excellent choice. Most of the construction occurs off-site, reducing environmental impact. Additionally, manufacturing plants produce less waste, ensuring efficient use and recycling of materials.

    Benefit #8) Customizable Modular Construction

    Modular construction offers the same level of customization as traditional methods. Whether it's exterior finishes, interior designs, or specific layouts, you can achieve your desired look and functionality.

    Are You Ready to Experience the Benefits of Modular Construction?

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