May 27, 2021 by Cam Bob
custom prefabricated buildings

In a very remote area of California’s vast desert plains lies a long stretch of a busy highway.  And in the midst of the endless dirt flats, there’s a small community of homes where three California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers reside with their families.  Mobile Modular (formerly Design Space Modular Buildings) was selected to rebuild this community.

Interstate 15 connects California to Nevada border and moves 45,000 vehicles each way (Source: Nevada Highway Patrol).  These travelers often require emergency roadside support, or for some risk-taking fast drivers, requires law enforcement to keep them under safe speed.  Although these areas are miles away from major towns, there are dedicated Highway Patrol officers protecting and serving the thousands of civilians driving through.

These desert heroes require local residence to limit daily commute and maximize their time in the areas they serve. Mobile Modular (formerly Design Space Modular Buildings) partnered with California High Patrol to rebuild their aged mobile home trailers they call home.

Mobile Modular (formerly Design Space Modular Buildings) was tasked to replace these old mobiles with (3) new 24’x60’ HUD manufactured homes built to the latest codes and compliant with all current fire and safety regulations.  To accomplish this, there had to be new landing, driveway, sidewalk, and a new 10,000 gallon fire water tank equipped with a separately housed commercial pump to protect all three new structures and its resident family members.

With the goal for the project requiring quick turnaround and short displacement for its residents, Mobile Modular (formerly Design Space Modular Buildings) was put to the challenge and got it done fast once again.  Using prefab buildings customized to CHP design, each resident was displaced for 30~45 days max during entire construction period.

State of California wanted it fast and safe, and once again Mobile Modular (formerly Design Space Modular Buildings) delivered for these law enforcement heroes!

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