Education Funding: CARES Act and Modular School Portables

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    March 12, 2021

    Education Funding: CARES Act and Modular School Portables

    The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, commonly referred to as CARES, has been instrumental in mitigating the significant economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Education funding remains a priority, with crucial sectors like schools receiving special allocations.

    Mobile Modular collaborates with educational institutions nationwide, offering the necessary space with modular classrooms and school portables. Many CARES Act financial provisions can cover these costs. Continue reading to learn more, and reach out to the modular classroom specialists at Mobile Modular for additional details.

    School Portables = More Space

    The importance of adequate classroom space in the context of the CARES Act is evident to all, from policymakers to parents.

    This section highlights the U.S. government's efforts to support students during the pandemic and introduces a new FEMA initiative that provides funding for educational and school portable needs.

    The Cares Act for Education

    The CARES Act’s Education Stabilization Fund benefits students across all educational levels. If your institution is contemplating CARES Act funding, here's essential information.

    How Much of the CARES Act is for Emergency Education Funding?

    Approximately $31 billion of CARES Act funds are designated for emergency education. The distribution is as follows:

    • $13 billion for school districts.
    • $14 billion for higher education institutions.
    • $3 billion for governors' emergency education relief.
    • $3.5 billion to assist families of frontline workers.

    The CARES Act: Construction and Equipment Purchases

    CARES Act funds can be utilized for school construction and equipment. The Education Stabilization Fund permits the use of Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) money for specific school building projects or purchases.

    The Cares Act: Geer and Esser budgets

    Schools can secure additional funding through federal awards. The process is competitive and has stringent requirements.

    The CARES Act Programs: Equitable Services

    Private schools, which might have faced more significant challenges during the pandemic, can also access relief. The CARES Act ensures equitable services for both educators and students in these institutions.

    FEMA: 100% Reimbursement on State Covid-19 Expenses

    President Joe Biden has directed FEMA to cover 100% of COVID-19 related expenses. This includes costs associated with portable classrooms.

    FEMA Reimbursement for School Portables

    To address overcrowded classrooms, many institutions are opting for classroom portables. FEMA reimbursements are available for eligible schools and childcare facilities.

    What can FEMA School Reimbursements be Used for?

    FEMA's school reimbursements can be applied to any measures that facilitate the "safe opening and operation of schools."

    FEMA 100% Cost Share for Modular and Portable Classrooms

    If you have queries about FEMA's 100% cost-sharing for schools, purchasing a portable classroom might be the solution. Mobile Modular can assist in this endeavor.

    Turn to Mobile Modular for Your School’s Infrastructure Needs

    For all your school space requirements, Mobile Modular is here to assist. Browse our range of portable classroom buildings and our comprehensive modular classroom guide. Contact us to discover how you can obtain a portable classroom and receive FEMA reimbursement or CARES Act funding.

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