10 Creative Modular Construction Projects by Mobile Modular

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    June 4, 2021

    10 Creative Modular Construction Projects by Mobile Modular

    Modular construction is the perfect solution to meet the creative demands of your most unique projects. Schools, restaurants, and housing for the less fortunate are only a few of the many takes on what can be done with modular. With infinite possibilities, contractors are working together to deliver creative projects utilizing this non-traditional, effective mode of construction.

    Read on to discover some one-of-a-kind modular construction projects Mobile Modular has completed that you won’t want to miss.

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    Homeless Housing at the Hilda L. Solis First Village

    homeless housing shelter


    An estimated 553,000 homeless Americans are searching for shelter in this country. Housing those men, women, and families has always been a struggle for cities and urban areas. Modular construction has presented some unique solutions to this issue, and one project is leading the way to transform homeless housing.

    The Vignes Complex, now named the Hilda L. Solis First Village, is a 232-bed project aiming to make a dent in the housing needs of L.A.’s growing homeless population. The project shows how we can utilize modular construction for urban housing and may transform the way we approach homeless housing in the U.S.

    What the Vignes Complex proves is that modular construction can be both fast and cost-effective. Built in five months, the project uses shipping containers paired with traditional construction to provide interim and permanent housing. The Vignes Complex has cut thousands of dollars in costs relative to traditional homeless housing.

    Wayne State Athletics Modular Press Box


    Some projects are simply made for modular construction. Alongside football fields and soccer pitches around the world are press boxes constructed to house press, coaches, and fans. And these press boxes are perfect candidates for modular construction.

    Mobile Modular builds modular press boxes to clients’ exact specifications. The team worked with Wayne State University Athletics to build a two-story 2,180 square foot press box including four modular sections.

    The first floor houses a large press room with kitchenette, the president’s suite with a private restroom and kitchenette, and the home radio room. The second floor houses the home and away coaches’ viewing rooms, filming room with rolling coil doors, the athletic director’s suite, a filming area, an accessible restroom, a storage room, and an electrical closet.

    The modules were installed in one day, and the press box was opened one week later following the utility connections and finish work.

    Domino’s Pizza Modular Quick Serve Restaurant


    When working with a brand as iconic as Domino’s, providing a modular construction solution to franchising came with unique constraints. But Mobile Modular met Domino’s demands for aesthetic consistency, affordability, and time efficiency.

    The partnership birthed a whole new approach to modular restaurants. With most electrical and plumbing work done at the warehouse, Domino’s modular restaurant adds a new level of convenience to opening a franchise.

    Locker Rooms with Yale University

    Yale University

    The athletic department at Yale University in West Haven, CT was ready to begin the repair and renovation of their existing facilities utilized by the football and track programs. During the renovation, the department wanted to keep their athletic programs on campus, and needed space to continue operations which led them to acquire temporary facilities. 

    Mobile Modular was selected to provide 7 custom units for the campus ranging from locker rooms to exercise areas to massage therapy. With 29 floors and a total of 18,368SF, Mobile Modular provided the custom modular buildings on campus at Yale University for a 2-year lease within the time frame provided.

    Oil Nut Bay Resort


    You might not think to utter the words luxury and modular construction in the same breath. But the Oil Nut Bay Resort is the exact kind of project that can change the paradigms surrounding the shipping container construction movement.

    Housed in the beautiful Virgin Gorda, the Oil Nut Bay Resort features four extravagant private villas, all built via modular construction. The team at Mobile Modular has plenty of experience working in remote locations like this isolated Caribbean island. The Oil Nut Bay project shows the type of comfort and extravagance modular construction can provide.

    Alaska Artic Oilfield Hotel


    It doesn’t get much more isolated than Alaska’s North Slope. Here, you can find one of Mobile Modular’s most exotic projects: the Alaska Oilfield Hotel.

    The hotel’s 452 rooms rest inside the Arctic Circle, where temperatures can drop to -39 degrees Fahrenheit. The project presented some interesting challenges. Between the environmental constraints and the extra construction considerations needed to cater to oilfield workers, Mobile Modular provided a custom modular building in the small town of Deadhorse, Alaska.

    A COVID-19 Isolation Space

    University Of Richmond

    COVID-19 dealt the world a new set of challenges. One issue we had to grapple with was finding space for proper isolation measures. With tight timelines and an ever-changing situation, Mobile Modular provided the University of Richmond the isolation space they needed to get students back to class.

    The university wanted more than space; they wanted students to feel as comfortable as they did in their dorms. This meant including single-occupancy spaces with bathrooms, showers, microwaves, and mini-fridges. With only 60 days to get the project done, Mobile Modular successfully executed this creative and important task.

    Modular Workforce Housing on Ocean Cay

    Modular Workforce Housing

    MSC Cruises came to Mobile Modular with a unique project — one that was exotic even when compared to Mobile Modular’s diverse portfolio.

    MSC has a vision for an exclusive private island populated with luxury modular apartments. Turning the former sand mine into a beautiful beachfront was MSC’s first challenge. The next hurdle was designing and building the luxury accommodations. MSC trusted the Mobile Modular team to execute a daring manufacturing plan for the island’s buildings.

    Now, the inviting sands of Ocean Cay feature three apartment buildings with 132 units and multiple executive townhomes. Mobile Modular handled the design, manufacturing, transportation, and installation of all the modular buildings on the island.

    Modular used for Police Training Center

    Police Training Center

    The Police Range Training Center, located in Hammond, Indiana, had surpassed the capacity of its previous infrastructure. Initial proposals for a traditionally constructed edifice were abruptly discontinued due to the unexpectedly high cost. Consequently, the organization began to explore the option of a permanent modular office building. 

    Mobile Modular  was able to offer detailed specifications and valuable input on the floor plan, accompanied by a cost-effective quotation. Upon the project’s award, Mobile Modular  promptly initiated the production of the 48’x60’ office building at their manufacturing facility. In collaboration with Hasse Construction, Mobile Modular facilitated site preparation and installation of the permanent modular office building, a process that was completed in a mere four weeks.

    A Modular Elementary School

    ann arbor elementary school

    Modular construction for education certainly isn’t anything new. Modular provides a fast and cost-efficient solution to permanent and temporary school space.

    When the Ann Arbor Public School System faced years of exponential growth, finding proper teaching space for all the students became an issue. Mobile Modular met the growing demands by designing and installing over 16,000 square feet of modular space.

    The space included room for administration offices, restrooms, and new classrooms. In true Mobile Modular style, our team completed the project on time and on budget.

    Standout Modular Project

    While not completed by our team, this is a project that  inspires us to continue designing and building innovative modular solutions.

    Modular Project

    In the summer of 2016, the world’s tallest modular building at 32 stories high was completed at 461 Dean Street in Brooklyn, NY. Once the building’s apartment modules were completed at a factory located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, they were transported to the development site and essentially stacked one on top of another into a high-rise building. 

    Excitement about modular construction in New York abounds with new projects under development.

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