Eight Advantages of Modular Construction

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    October 30, 2015

    Eight Advantages of Modular Construction

    Modular construction is a growing segment of the construction market today, particularly showing itself useful for temporary space needs. Whether it is for the construction of offices, schools, hotels or even prisons, when it comes to short-term construction needs, many builders seem to be going the modular way. This stands to reason, because modular construction does offer some pretty obvious advantages over traditional construction.

    However, before we get into the benefits of modular construction, we must first wrap our heads around what it actually is, and then we can move on to understanding its benefits.

    What is Modular Construction?

    Mobile Modular Prefabricated Building for Rent or Purchase
    Mobile Modular Prefabricated Building for Rent or Purchase

    In brief, modular construction is a method of construction in which the individual units (modules) of a building are built off site, in a controlled factory environment. While this is happening, the foundation is laid at the construction site. When the modules are completed they are transported to the construction site where they are placed on top of the foundation to complete the building installation.

    Let’s look at why most people prefer modular construction over traditional construction.


    1. Accelerated Construction Time

    The 2-stage method of modular construction allows the entire process of building to be completed a lot quicker than traditional construction. This is because instead of first laying the foundation and then building upon it brick by brick, the two phases happen simultaneously in two separate locations thus accelerating the construction time. In fact studies have shown that modular buildings can be completed up to 40% faster than traditional ones.

    2. Minimum Wastage of Resources

    The controlled factory environments in which the individual modules are constructed allow for close monitoring of construction and therefore there is significantly reduced wastage of material resources. Usually this construction happens through an assembly line which further reduces the potential wasting of time as well.

    3. Reduced Weather Interference

    Since the construction of the individual modules takes place indoors, there is absolutely no exposure to weather. The materials are subjected to minimal wear and tear before they are transported to the construction site. Furthermore, the indoor construction means that inclement weather does not interrupt the process of construction which in turn contributes to the accelerated construction time.

    4. Better Safety

    Assembly line construction has hardly ever been proven to be life threatening. Moreover, since most of the construction is done in controlled factories, what is left to be done at the construction site is assembling of the building modules. The utilities are connected, the building is given some final touches and that’s that.

    5. Reduced Cost

    Since the overall construction time is considerably less for prefabricated buildings, the cost of labor is cut down to almost half in some cases. Furthermore, due to the minimized wastage of material resources, there is a higher percentage of cost efficiency. Minimal damage from weather interference also significantly lowers the cost of materials.

    6. Quality Control

    The controlled factory environment ensures that materials are stored in a dry place at room temperature which prevents damage like rusting or warping and ensures top-notch quality of the final product. Each module is carefully constructed strictly in accordance with applicable building codes and safety regulations, which further contribute to the overall quality of the finished building.

    7. Easily Dismantled

    Modular buildings are also known as portable buildings for a reason. The individual modules are specifically constructed to fit together like pieces of Lego. So, just like Lego, they can be dismantled just as easily as they are assembled. When it comes time to renovate or move, it is simply a matter of quite literally moving house.

    8. Environment Friendly

    First off, modular construction is extremely resource efficient which contributes to being eco-friendly. Secondly, modular buildings are dismantled and so again there is reduced wastage of resources. When a modular building is renovated or “demolished,” you will not see wrecking balls or large piles of debris. So basically, it does not leave any negative marks on the environment.

    Depending on what type of building is being built there will be more advantages here and there but the aforementioned are benefits that apply to all modular constructions regardless of whether they are classrooms or hospitals. At Mobile Modular we order pre-fabricated buildings for you based on your specifications. We then offer ongoing maintenance and customize the space according to your needs. Give us a call and see how we can help you meet your need for temporary buildings.

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