Features to Consider When Choosing Your Modular Jobsite Office Trailer

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    March 15, 2023

    Features to Consider When Choosing Your Modular Jobsite Office Trailer

    A modular jobsite office trailer is the innovative fix for companies who need to work on a site for a limited time. Modular office trailers are also a cost-effective solution for anyone who wants a permanent office space! Easily transportable, jobsite office trailers can be deployed to incredibly remote locations and utilized in new projects upon short notice.

    If you’re looking for a makeshift office for a project site, a temporary workspace while your regular office is unavailable, or just an affordable office space, modular office trailers are the solution for you.

    Pick A Jobsite Office Trailer Suited For Your Industry

    Construction Office Trailers

    A construction office trailer is ideal for both on-site and off-site construction projects. Portable and convenient, they can be quickly deployed to a project site and then relocated once the construction project is complete. Easy transportation and security are the most important things when choosing a construction site office trailer, in addition to finding one that is an adequate size to house your onsite employees and storage equipment.

    It’s essential that your modular office trailer is highly secure and durable, so you can leave your construction tools and equipment in them overnight for safekeeping. Using a construction site office trailer gives construction workers a nice, shady place to relax during breaks and provides an organized space to store licensing and other paperwork.

    Film Production Trailers

    The film production industry requires workers to spend a considerable amount of time at various sites while shooting scenes. A portable office trailer is convenient and provides cast and crew comfort while working on set. Portable office trailers can be used for dressing rooms, production offices, makeup trailers, broadcasting stations, and more.

    A variety of production companies, sports broadcasting companies, and even churches have used Mobile Modular’s jobsite trailers for films, broadcasts, and plays. When leasing an office trailer for film or broadcasting industries, companies should consider lighting quality and good insulation to prevent sound reverberation, as well as amenities for the comfort of team members. A sufficient number of electrical outlets should be available, so your team can plug in equipment and charge electronics for editing footage.

    Field Research Trailers

    For biologists, ecologists, geologists, and others in scientific areas of study, field research is an important part of the job. It’s inconvenient to have to haul loads of equipment to a research site each day. A portable office trailer provides a safe place to store research equipment, such as radiometers, electroporators, cryotomes, centrifuges, and microscopes.

    Choosing a mobile office trailer equipped with heating and cooling technology is a smart choice for researchers, so the quality of chemicals and equipment aren’t compromised. With heating and air conditioning, scientists can also work on their research in comfort. After working on a research project, your company or research institution can transport the office trailer to a new location or return it to us. Large research facilities, such as universities with many ongoing programs, can especially benefit from our modular jobsite office trailers.

    Mining Or Oil Refinery Trailers

    Oil refineries and mining sites are typically located in remote areas with no place nearby to store equipment or plan their work. A jobsite office trailer can support your refinery operations by providing a hub to go over safety protocols, delegate tasks, and keep paperwork and permits organized.

    An office trailer for your oil refinery or mining site should have top-quality insulation. A mining or oil refinery site can be a distracting place to work with noise and other on-site disturbances. A jobsite office trailer with superior insulation will reduce noise from outside.

    Important Qualities Of A Mobile Office Trailer


    A portable office trailer can be temporary or permanent at the site of installation. For companies that want long-term use of their modular office trailer, a permanent foundation is available to keep your modular office secured to the land indefinitely. Jobsite office trailers that are intended for short-term use are installed using a temporary foundation.


    Like standard offices, modular jobsite office trailers come in different sizes. There are single wide and double wide office trailers, which come in a variety of dimensions. If you need larger space, an office complex might be appropriate to meet your space requirements. Calculate how much space your mobile office trailer will require by thinking about how company equipment will fit into the floor plan, how many employees will be using the office, and whether your company is expected to expand.


    Customers can create their own floor plan and accessorize their jobsite office trailer with modular office furniture and other amenities. Customized office trailers can include bathrooms, kitchenettes, conference rooms, or cubicles.


    Another factor to consider when choosing a modular trailer is how quickly your company will need the office. A used modular office trailer can be deployed with substantial speed, while a new modular office trailer has a longer wait period due to the production of the new unit. Consider your company’s timeline when deciding between a used or new office trailer.


    If your workplace needs ramps or stairs, accessibility features are available for mobile office trailers. Inclusion for employees and clients that visit your office is important. Because inclusion is important to Mobile Modular, we offer these modular building add-ons.


    Amenities for modular office trailers, such as premium security features and air filtration systems, are a must-have for many companies. In addition to all of these basics, Mobile Modular offers office furniture, cleaning services, and other amenities from Mobile Modular Plus.


    It’s important to consider how frequently you and your company will be using a jobsite office trailer. A modular office trailer that will often be used should be a substantial investment with a high-quality HVAC system, insulation, substantial space, and amenities to make your job more convenient.

    Order One Of Our Jobsite Office Trailers For Sale Or Lease

    Modular office trailer rentals and modular office trailers for sale could be a valuable resource for your company and can greatly improve the way you conduct business. Check out our jobsite office trailers to see if they’d be a good fit for your needs, and reach out to us for a quote on the cost of your modular office trailer.

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