Five Business Benefits of Sustainable Modular Construction Methods

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    December 14, 2017

    Five Business Benefits of Sustainable Modular Construction Methods

    A recent report by BIS Research estimates the global market for sustainable construction materials to reach $187 billion by 2026 – which is an 11.6 percent increase between 2017 and 2026. The demand for green materials includes insulation, roofing, framing, exterior siding, and interior finishing. Both customers and construction companies are more and more concerned about the need to avoid wasteful construction practices that negatively impact the environment and consume large amounts of energy.

    Organizations like the US Green Building Council and responsible modular construction companies see the need for energy-efficient structures that have zero impact on the environment. This has led to research and initiatives to promote green school buildings, and several benefits of efficient modular construction technology have been revealed.

    1. Energy efficient features reduce energy bills

    Turns out that green buildings are not just good for the environment. Although the initial cost of green materials may be slightly higher, these costs are recovered over time by reducing your energy bill. More energy efficient lighting systems and pre-installed solar panels are just a couple of features available in sustainable modular buildings.

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    2. Efficient use of materials

    During the building process, materials are often wasted, due to poor materials management. Green buildings, especially those built using sustainable modular construction methods, minimize waste at every stage of the building cycle. For example, standardized measurements in a factory setting make it easy for builders to order exactly what they need to complete projects. If there are excess materials, the factory can recycle those materials quickly and easily on site or use on the next project.

    3. Tax incentives and benefits

    The federal government gives tax incentives to environmentally-friendly businesses. If you’re working on reducing your business’s carbon footprint, you could earn some well-deserved federal and state tax incentives.


    4. Boost your reputation with a green environment

    Boost your company’s reputation by building with sustainable modular construction methods. Both millennials and Generation Z are ready to pay more for sustainable products and services, so selling your products in sustainable buildings reinforces the idea that your company is a responsible, eco-conscious business. Plus, eco-friendly materials tend to create healthier indoor spaces with better lighting, air quality, and other ergonomic features.

    5. Save important resources (Like Water)

    Energy efficiency isn’t just about electricity. Efficient use of water is another way to upgrade your buildings. Many green modular buildings are designed to utilize alternate sources of water, such as harvesting rainwater or recycling water through hydroponics.

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    How Mobile Modular is helping drive sustainable construction

    Mobile Modular has always been committed to delivering sustainable modular buildings with energy-efficient and eco-friendly design features. We utilize LEAN modular construction methods to utilize land, water, and air efficient. LEAN is a method of manufacturing that aims to maximize the value we deliver to customers through minimizing waste.

    We promote responsible material usage and created our Inventory Centers to provide the perfect value creation process which measurably reduce waste. In many facilities, we furnish buildings with glue-less 100 percent recycled carpet tiles, which emit virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Our responsible and sustainable material choices benefit customers and reduce installation labor in all of our products.

    Our designs ensure that Mobile Modular buildings last. Versatility and longevity are key features we incorporate into each modular building, so that as the technology advances and we create better green modular construction methods, our buildings can evolve to change with us.

    At Mobile Modular, we are helping businesses becoming better environmental stewards, with sustainable practices and efficient building methods. We offer commercial prefabricated offices, classrooms, and other buildings equipped with environment-friendly features.

    To learn more about how we can help you, request a quote today.  

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