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Five Modular Building Myths Debunked

Flimsy, unreliable, unsafe, not ‘real’ - are just some of the fallacies or myths attached to modular buildings. Despite their rising popularity, it’s amazing how many people still have misconceptions about modular structures, so we’re debunking the top five myths about modular buildings.

Myth #1: Prefab modular buildings are unsafe

A common misconception. However, all buildings must adhere to state, local, and federal safety codes. Every modular building is set up according to these safety codes and regulations. During the building process, each modular unit is subject to thorough inspections. This ensures that every modular structure is up to code and safe to inhabit. Some modular structures are so sturdy that they can even withstand 175-mph winds.

Modular Classroom

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Myth #2: Modular buildings are of poor quality

Even the quality of basic modular products for smaller budgets far outstretch the expectations of their  predecessors. High-quality materials are used in modular buildings to produce well-constructed, and in many cases, energy efficient structures. High-grade materials like marble or granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, genuine hardwood floors, etc. are common features in modular structures.

Myth #3: Prefabricated buildings are expensive

It depends on the project, but in general prefabricated structures end up being much more affordable to build than traditionally constructed buildings. While the individual parts of the modular structure are built in a factory, the foundation is prepared on site. This cuts construction time by nearly half, since both processes take place simultaneously. Shorter construction times significantly cut labor costs. If you are wondering about the price tag on a modular building or about the options to rent or lease, request a quote from Mobile Modular and find out today.

Myth #4: Temporary modular buildings are boring

If you Google modular offices, schools, or hotels, you’ll find that temporary modular structures are far from boring.  Technology has come a long way since the inception of modular construction. Modular buildings have beautiful and stylish designs. Modular buildings blueprints are advanced that many people can’t even tell the difference between a modular and traditionally constructed buildings.

Sustainable Modular Building

Myth #5: Prefabricated commercial buildings are environmentally unfriendly

On the contrary, prefabricated commercial buildings are an easy “green” option. How? Just think about the construction method. Buildings are made in controlled factories, which efficiently use resources to maximize energy use and minimize waste. Worried about the impact construction will have on the neighboring environment? Modular buildings are manufactured in a factory and shipped to the construction site, which reduces the amount of debris created at the worksite. Modern prefabricated buildings are made for the future with energy-efficient features. Owners can choose to upgrade modular buildings with high-quality HVAC systems, geothermal systems, solar heating panels, energy-efficient glass, etc. And there you have it, five myths busted.

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