Five Must-Read Articles About Modular Classrooms For Schools

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    September 18, 2017

    Five Must-Read Articles About Modular Classrooms For Schools

    As school enrollments continue to rise, schools face the challenge of finding classroom space. With this growth, there are several other issues to address. For example, larger classroom structures start to raise questions on sustainability, integration of technology, and funding.

    Here are five must-read articles about the challenges and trends in the education sector, and how modular classrooms are helping schools meet temporary and long-term space needs.

    1. What are the Latest Trends in Construction in Schools?

    The hunt is on for more classroom space, but the need to meet energy efficiency standards remains significant. Educational institutions should responsibly incorporate standards similar to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) code devised by the U.S. Green Building Council.

    What better way to embrace the future of construction than by incorporating sustainability, adaptability, and up-to-date technology in your classrooms?

    In our article 2017 - Trends That Will Define Construction in Schools, we give you a bird’s eye view of noteworthy construction developments adopted by schools. The article also shows how modular construction is a significant trend and explains how modular structures can help upgrade or construct classrooms.

    2. What Are Modular Classrooms and Do They Work?

    Rising enrollment is good news for growing schools, but finding more classroom space to accommodate an increasing number of students can be a daunting task. Is it possible to manufacture classroom space overnight? Well, not quite literally, but prefabricated classrooms can be set up 30-50 percent faster than classrooms built using traditional construction methods.

    Our article Can Mobile Buildings Work as Classrooms explain how modular classrooms offer benefits beyond just quick solutions for overcrowded schools. Find out how modular classrooms are designed to deliver a superior learning environment.

    3. Are Modular Classrooms Safe and Reliable?

    There are two high priorities in the construction business - quality and safety. Those unfamiliar with modular construction often doubt the quality and safety of modular classrooms. However, schools now acknowledge that modular classrooms are a high-quality option that meets stringent safety standards.

    In Six Myths About the Quality and Safety of Modular Buildings Busted, we mention the common misconceptions about modular classrooms and how they meet high safety standards, making them an ideal solution for school construction projects.

    4. Can Modular Classrooms Keep My School’s Charm?

    Expansions are a natural part of growth. Schools inclined to use high-quality modular classrooms can still preserve the charm of their existing structures.

    In the article Need to Expand? Keep Your School’s Charm with Our Portable Classroom Solutions, we explain how portable classrooms are an excellent solution when expanding your traditional school building. Modular classrooms allow you to choose a structure, floor plan on site, and materials that best suit each classroom.

    Education Facility

    5. Are Modular Classrooms Good for Charter Schools?

    The US education sector has recently seen distinct success with charter schools. More than 300 new charter public schools opened in the fall of 2016, and student achievement levels speak of their effectiveness. But, there are unique challenges to setting up a charter school.

    Opening a charter school with little public funding is no easy task. According to the Six Things to Consider When Opening a Charter School, you have a number of things to consider before planning the physical school building such as permits, petitions, legalities, approval, and most importantly, the facility funding source.

    We hope these resources will help you understand the benefits modular classrooms offer to schools that need flexible space, even on short notice. If you have further questions, get in touch with modular construction experts at Mobile Modular who have successfully delivered school projects.

    We provide high-quality modular classrooms for rent or sale, along with prefabricated educational restroom buildings and other modular structures, to meet your school’s construction, renovation, and temporary spacing needs. Choose from a variety of modular classroom sizes and configurations that cater to the short and long term needs of your school. Request a quote today!

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