How Modular Buildings Meet Military And Government Budgets And Construction Schedules

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    September 26, 2018

    How Modular Buildings Meet Military And Government Budgets And Construction Schedules

    U.S. military and government agencies are turning toward modular construction to meet their building requirements. While tight defense budgets and burdened approvals are reasons for this shift, modular buildings also meet unique requirements specific to both.

    Why are modular buildings ideal for the U.S. military and government?

    Modular buildings for the government and military can be used for many purposes such as military camps, dormitories, barracks, office buildings, classrooms and medical facilities. In addition to their versatility, modular buildings meet a unique set of requirements necessary for these facilities:

    Meet tight timelines

    Military and government operations need structures that can be built quickly. Whether it’s a center for mobilizing and training troops, or an administrative building, modular construction offers the military and government the speed that traditional construction cannot. For example, the 33,000-square foot Quantico Marine Base in Virginia was constructed in less than seven weeks using modular construction. Modular construction is a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction because it prevents delays, reduces costs and uses recycled materials.

    Useful for limited budgets

    The 2018 Defense Budget authorizes just under $700 billion in defense spending. Most of this goes toward procuring new weapons and systems. The Department of Defense (DoD) also spends about a third of its budget on personnel and maintenance, leaving almost nothing for construction and housing. In addition, the $1 trillion infrastructure budget goes mostly toward improving existing infrastructure, rather than new construction. This raises the need for affordable options, and generally, with the high amount of approvals needed, it’s always easier to have a building with an affordable price. Modular construction allows the government and military to save over the long term as well by way of reduced energy costs, thanks to state-of-the-art developments in HVAC and lighting systems.

    Flexibility in design

    Modular buildings in the government and military are highly functional buildings that can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of a specific camp base or facility. Modular buildings also save financial resources in their functionality because they can be relocated to another site and used for an entirely different purpose.

    Comes with GSA approval and can be customized to meet UFC codes

    In order to streamline the purchase of almost everything for government purposes, the General Services Administration (GSA) has a list of approved vendors that can bid for government projects. These are trustworthy vendors that meet the high standards in construction for government facilities. Mobile Modular is an approved GSA vendor.

    Similarly, the Department of Defense has a set of criteria and standards applicable to the planning, design, construction and maintenance of their facilities. These apply to both temporary and permanent modular spaces.

    How useful have modular buildings been for the U.S. government and military?  

    Eisenhower Army Medical Center, GA

    The 12th floor of the Eisenhower Army Medical Center contains the brain trauma unit which is responsible for treating and caring for soldiers who have sustained brain injuries while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The floor houses the offices of 20 doctors and therapists, 20 nurses and 10 administrative personnel. These staff members needed to be relocated to new premises while the 12th floor was under renovation.

    Mobile Modular worked to create a 9,000 square-foot building to be used as a medical facility and office space during the renovation. The energy-efficient building saved resources and exceeded the expectations of the U.S. Army.

    Quantico Marine Base, VA

    Building 2006 is an office building that houses administration personnel for the Headquarters and Services Battalion of the U.S. Marine Corps. It underwent a major renovation, and the Navy needed modular buildings and portable restrooms with ADA accessible ramps and decking aligned with military-grade standards for design and construction. The challenge was that 300 marines needed to be accommodated in a limited space and an inclined terrain.

    Mobile Modular worked to create 21 general modular office buildings with two restroom buildings. The HVAC systems were reliable and effectively serviced the 33,000 square-foot project, which was completed in less than seven weeks, despite it being one of the harshest winters in ten years.

    At Mobile Modular, we understand UFC codes so we can make the process easier to meet Government requirements. We have been in the modular construction business for decades and have innovative, modern modular building designs. These are energy and land efficient, as well as extremely flexible. We offer buildings for rent and sale, and our deliveries are hassle-free. To find out more, contact us today.

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