How Your Sports Facilities Can Get Ahead With Modular Buildings

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    August 21, 2017

    How Your Sports Facilities Can Get Ahead With Modular Buildings

    When planning the construction of sports facilities, there is always the possibility that unexpected delays occur, or customers’ requirements change, which may affect your on-site schedule. Even if you have planned everything ahead of time, contractors may face situations where projects just can’t meet important deadlines.

    Sports facilities, for example, may need additional space to house a sudden influx of people and may have very little time to meet such requirements. With these factors in mind, you might wonder if there’s a better way to complete your sports construction project with sustained profitability.

    That’s where modular construction comes in!

    Here are four ways your sports facility can get ahead with modular buildings:

    1. Restrooms

    Sports events require additional space for restrooms. Mobile Modular can provide prefabricated restrooms quickly and efficiently. With our in-house fleet of trucks, it is easy for us to deliver modular buildings to customers in as little as one business day this includes restrooms.

    2. Security Checkpoints

    Installing additional security checkpoints can help prevent unwanted situations and manage disruptions more efficiently. Your Mobile Modular building can be customized for rent or sale to suit all of your security needs on a timely budget.

    3. Press Boxes

    Press boxes are needed at sporting events. With modular buildings, you can customize the structure and have it delivered to you at your request so individuals can comfortably enjoy the game in a professional and safe environment.

    4. Sports Retail Stores

    After a game, selling merchandise is a great way to generate revenue. Not all stadiums can provide retail space for as many retailers as you would like to set up before a big game. Our modular buildings can be rented for a temporary sports retail space so fans can purchase apparel, jerseys, posters, and collectibles.

    To learn more about prices of modular buildings and how quickly you can install modular structures for your next sports construction project, contact us or request a quote!

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