Mobile Modular Offers Disaster Response Amid Hurricane Devastation

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    October 14, 2022

    Mobile Modular Offers Disaster Response Amid Hurricane Devastation

    At Mobile Modular, we’re committed to keeping communities safe and providing secure spaces where residents can recover and get back on their feet. Our modular emergency response trailers are also a reliable place for emergency professionals to triage and treat ill or injured individuals. 

    As the premier supplier of modular emergency shelters, we take our work seriously. When disaster strikes, our team is ready to begin the delivery and installation process right away. Modular buildings’ quick-deploy capabilities ensure no time is wasted in a catastrophe.

    Disaster Relief Buildings for Any Emergency

    A variety of businesses and organizations will benefit from these disaster relief buildings.

    • Schools: During emergency weather situations or when facing construction issues, modular buildings are a perfect solution. The addition of modular buildings to a school campus is also a great option when facing increased enrollment due to nearby disasters.

    • Federal agencies: Modular buildings are useful for federal emergency response agencies. Our modular buildings are secure, making them safe for government work or visits from notable politicians. They can be utilized as office spaces, meeting rooms, or data and document storage.

    • Medical nonprofits: Modular buildings are the perfect triage center in the event of an emergency. They can be outfitted with medical equipment and kept sanitized through Mobile Modular PLUS Services..

    • Churches: The ability to gather and come together as a community becomes more yearned for during emergencies and disasters. Modular buildings can be used by religious organizations to continue service and worship. They can also be utilized by other nonprofits to hand out supplies to community members in need.

    • Remote communities: Modular buildings can be deployed anywhere, no matter how remote, making them great for disaster recovery in remote locations, rural areas, and island communities.

    Mobile Modular has immediately available workforce housing, education, office, and other in fleet modular buildings to help those dealing with the aftermath of a devastation. Contact us at 866-395-7309.

    Reach out to a Mobile Modular rep to see how we can help with temporary storage, office space or temporary schools or help rebuild within your community.

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