Mobile Modular Plus Add-On Services

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    July 8, 2022

    Mobile Modular Plus Add-On Services

    We are all looking for ways to make life easier. Mobile Modular Plus simplifies the process of setting up a temporary or permanent building—or modifying your existing building—by providing all the accessories, add-ons, and site-related services you need for a complete workspace.

    Let’s look at four reasons you should go with Mobile Modular Plus services for your commercial or educational building.

    1. Time is of the Essence

    We all know the frustration of dealing with delayed orders from multiple vendors. Delays damage productivity and tarnish company reputations. With Mobile Modular Plus, you select the add-ons you want from a single source—us—and we deliver on time so you can get to work in your building.

    Select from our furniture bundles (chairs, desks, tables), cubicles, HVAC air purification, water tanks, hand washing stations, appliances (refrigerator and microwave), whiteboards and mobile plan stands (and more!) to outfit your new building for success.

    2. At a Price to Suit Your Pocket

    You may think that letting someone else do the legwork in creating a ready-for-business office space would cost more, but it could end up costing less. A fragmented approach to a project, where you order from multiple vendors, generally means each will charge full price for their particular product or service.

    Bundling these products and services can mean a discounted rate for your level of investment as a customer. And, your accounting department will thank you for having to deal with only one invoice!

    3. Customize Your Building to Suit Your Taste

    Want to know how your building will look when it’s installed and outfitted? Now you have that option, with our 3D Modular Building Visualizer tool. With internal and exterior 360 views, you can design your floor plan and select exterior wall colors, flooring, restroom design, and more.

    Then, view a selection of our Plus Add-ons and furnish/accessorize your building in real time. Experiment with options to see what looks best for your project before you lease.

    4. We Have Your Success in Mind

    Partnering with several different companies can result in discrepancies in quality. In their mind, you are one of hundreds of customers, and they may not have the resources to give you preferential treatment.

    Partnering with Mobile Modular Plus as your turnkey provider ensures consistency and a high level of quality. We have a vested interest in seeing your project through to successful completion, because there is no one else to blame.

    You’ll receive personalized service and a designated account contact that is exclusively focused on your project.

    Our expertise, attention to detail, and end-to-end service is the reason why we continually rank highest in customer satisfaction. We understand deadlines and work closely with you to deliver the unit you want, on time and budget.

    Let our experts guide you through the entire process to ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

    Ready to learn how Plus Add On Solutions can work for you? Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.

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