Mobile Offices - Reinventing Traditional Office Structures

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    October 30, 2015

    Mobile Offices - Reinventing Traditional Office Structures

    When looking at construction of any sort, the things we usually consider are: cost, time and materials required. We would obviously want to opt for a method that is both time and cost effective. With mobile offices you can have both these factors, and you also get a bonus of working with materials that are environment friendly. This is the primary reason why mobile construction seems to be taking over traditional construction in general.

    What Do Employees Today Need?

    Portable Mobile Office for RentEmployees today (have expressed that they prefer working in offices that have more space and that are conducive to collaboration. With mobile offices it is possible to design specific rooms individually according to the needs of the office workers. This means that the sizes of the rooms will depend on the function of the room rather than the position of the employee who occupies the room.

    Moreover, there are a lot of economic and environmental benefits of mobile offices in contrast to traditional office spaces which is a large part of the reason why mobile construction seem to be taking over the traditional style of construction.  

    Let us have a look at a few of these benefits:

    • They Are Mobile!
    • Shorter Construction Time
    • Minimum Wastage of Resources
    • Lower Cost of Construction
    • Environment Friendly
    • Space Efficient
    • Fuel Efficient

    How Does It Impact the Traditional workplace?

    Drive your work around!

    Mobile offices are so incredible they can actually be made into job site trailers which you can transport from one part of town to another. They can be strategically located depending on where the employees live and how long it would take for them to travel.

    Startup Smart

    For startup companies who cannot afford their own office spaces, they always have the option of mobile offices for rent. This option allows the company’s office space to grow with them as they expand, allowing them to pay for only the space they need and nothing more. It is easy to explain your needs and have them met to your satisfaction. Since mobile constructions take a very short time to complete, you can have your office up and running in no time. On site, we can provide customizable upgrades such as the addition of walls, windows and doors.

    Earn a living while saving the environment

    A lot of the materials (if not all) used in construction of traditional buildings can be damaging to the environment in one way or another.

    • Wood. Leads to deforestation, which has numerous repercussions on the environment.
    • Concrete. Everyone knows how awful it is to have concrete crowding up city spaces, leaving less and less room for vegetation to grow freely.
    • Steel. The impacts of using steel are not as bad as using wood or concrete provided the steel that is used is made from recycled scrap and is recycled again after it is no longer of use to the construction.

    With mobile offices, you can take pride in choosing the option that is better for the environment. Modular buildings or units are most often made out of recycled metal, and other materials. Furthermore, when you no longer need to rent the mobile office, the vendor will simply take it back and rent it out to someone else who needs it. This makes it extremely environment friendly as there is no “demolition” as such.

    All in all, mobile offices have a lot to offer in terms of space management and environmental friendliness. Today’s workforce is looking to do everything in its power to repair or at least control the damage already done to our environment. Mobile offices are just one small solution to this problem and today, they seem to be reinventing the traditional office structures worldwide.

    If you need a mobile office, request a quote from us to learn about our solutions. Our team of experts at Mobile Modular can help you consider important factors before buying or renting office trailers, and can help you choose a solution that suit your specific needs.

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