How Are Modular Buildings Delivered ?

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    May 3, 2021

    How Are Modular Buildings Delivered ?

    While the modular building process is known for its speed and cost-effectiveness, it consists of several intricate components. The units that constitute modular buildings are constructed off-site. This is just the beginning. These units are later assembled during the modular construction phase to create aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective structures.

    However, a pivotal step lies between the start and completion: delivering the modular building to the construction site.

    So, how does Mobile Modular deliver modular buildings? We'll delve into that in this article.

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    The Modular Building Delivery Process

    Transporting the modules that will eventually form a modular building to the construction site is a logistical challenge. It involves determining the safest and most efficient way to transport modular building materials from the manufacturing facility to their final location, adhering to all regulations and identifying the most cost-effective route.

    Here's a breakdown:

    Preparing Modules For Transportation

    Ensuring each module reaches the construction site is crucial, but it's equally vital that each unit arrives undamaged. Transportation can be harsh on many products — from loading and unloading to navigating bumpy terrains and battling adverse weather conditions.

    This is why the shipping team at Mobile Modular meticulously prepares each module for safe transportation. While modular buildings are inherently robust, capable of withstanding most weather conditions and the test of time, our modular construction experts go the extra mile. Each unit is encased in a durable protective cover before departure.

    Delivering Modular Buildings To Remote Locations 

    Mobile Modular has a track record of delivering modular buildings to some of the most isolated locations. Given that modular buildings are adept at withstanding extreme conditions, they're an ideal choice for places like the Arctic or other challenging terrains. But how do we ensure their safe delivery to such locations?

    The answer remains the same: by land or sea. However, transporting a modular structure to the Arctic or an artificial island can pose unique challenges. This is where top-tier modular building contractors collaborate with world-class logistics experts to guarantee your building's timely and safe arrival.

    Reception At The Modular Construction Site

    The final leg of the modular building materials' journey is typically by truck. Upon arrival at the construction site, the site must be prepared to receive them.

    This involves ensuring adequate vertical and horizontal clearance for the truck's entry and having the necessary equipment to offload the modules. Collaborating with a comprehensive modular construction company like Mobile Modular can mitigate these concerns, as we typically oversee the reception at the construction site.

    Delivering Modules Piece By Piece

    For larger modular construction projects, delivery might not be a one-time event. Space constraints at the construction site might mean that not all modules can be stored simultaneously. In such cases, modules might be delivered in phases throughout the construction timeline.

    Mobile Modular: From Modular Building Delivery To Construction 

    Mobile Modular stands as a leading provider of unparalleled modular construction worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, we manage every facet of the modular construction journey, including delivery.

    Our modular building logistics team is always ready to assist. To converse with a Mobile Modular representative, reach out to us online or call us.

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