Modular Buildings 101: The Complete Guide

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    February 18, 2022

    Modular Buildings 101: The Complete Guide

    What Is a Modular Building?

    A modular building is a structure composed of one or multiple modules. Unlike conventional site-built residential or commercial structures, these modules are crafted in a climate-controlled factory environment, then transported and assembled on-site.

     Over the past five years, modular buildings have surged in popularity, with the industry now generating over $8 billion annually. This growth is largely due to the efficient and cost-effective nature of modular building processes, which offer significant time and cost savings.

     Built to the same standards as traditional site constructions, modular buildings often surpass these benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency and resilience to weather. Given their high-quality construction and versatility as either temporary or permanent solutions, modular buildings serve a wide range of industries effectively.

    Prefab vs. Modular: What’s the Difference?

    Modular construction is a subset of prefabrication. While a modular building represents a complete structure or module, "Prefab" typically denotes individual components of the overall structure that are pre-manufactured, such as bathroom pods or pre-assembled ductwork. Both modular and traditional constructions can incorporate prefabricated materials.

    Types of Modular Buildings

    Modular Office Buildings

    Is your organization growing, necessitating more space for your team? Perhaps you need additional storage close to your main office? Mobile Modular has the solution: modular office buildings. Whether you're looking for a new or pre-owned modular office, we offer spaces tailored to your needs.

    For immediate space requirements, we suggest considering a pre-owned modular office. While there are refurbished options available, if your usage is projected to be under five years, leasing might be a more economical choice.

    Other reasons for a temporary modular office include: 

    Modular School Buildings

    A single, double, or multi-complex modular educational building can be an incredibly efficient and affordable way for school districts to accommodate an influx of students. At Mobile Modular, we have a large, varied fleet of pre-owned modular buildings to utilize for a variety of educational purposes: classrooms, labs, libraries, gymnasiums, teachers’ lounges—whatever your school needs, we can provide. 

    Modular buildings can be used as a temporary space solution or a permanent fixture in your community. Our custom-built modular single or multi-story complexes can even function as a modern, sleek school building. 

    We know that funding for schools is not always easy to acquire. For districts with limited budgets but big dreams of a stunning new educational complex that students feel inspired to attend, a modular building is a great alternative to a traditional site-built school. The cost, as well as the turnaround time, is lower with modular construction, due to the majority of the work taking place off-site in a controlled environment.

    Our energy-efficient, spacious classrooms come with bathrooms, drinking fountains, and quality HVAC systems, giving staff and their pupils everything a traditionally built classroom offers.

    Modular Church Buildings

    Modular construction provides a cost-effective way to construct or expand churches and other places of worship. Custom builds can allow for a design that fits your space and budget, while refurbished modular buildings offer an even more affordable option when you need more room fast. 

    If your congregation is growing rapidly and you don’t have time to wait for a traditional site-built project, if you have limited expenses, or if you want a stunning, modern space that welcomes all who see it, experience all that modular construction has to offer and build the church you’ve always envisioned. 

    At Mobile Modular, our buildings come with a plethora of options for customization, whether you want to match the exterior to your current church buildings, or are in need of ADA-compliant handicap accessible entryways and restrooms.

    Modular Healthcare Buildings

    The need for growing healthcare facilities has continued to expand since the pandemic. Our modular buildings can serve both temporary and permanent purposes. 

    Pre-owned modular buildings are perfect for COVID isolation booths or testing centers, or when a hospital is in need of extra space. Brand new modular builds can create stunning clinics of all varieties or urgent care facilities, complete with spaces for cafeterias, break rooms, and more.

    Traditional construction can face immense setbacks due to many external circumstances, the weather being a big one, and modular construction allows for projects to stick to a definitive timeline.

    Modular Buildings for Sale

    New Modular Buildings

    Opting for a new modular building from Mobile Modular ensures a space tailored specifically to your organization's needs. While the investment might be higher than that of a pre-owned building, the customization possibilities ensure that every detail aligns with your operational requirements.

    Benefits of New Modular Construction

    A new modular building is ideal for those seeking a bespoke build or additional space integrated with their existing structure. With a new build, materials can be harmonized with your current infrastructure, saving both time and money compared to traditional construction. Additionally, new modular constructions adhere to the latest building code requirements.

    Typical Cost Factors

    While a new modular build generally costs more than a pre-owned one, the design and construction process can introduce additional expenses. Mobile Modular is always ready to provide a free quote based on your project's specifics.

    Permanent Modular Buildings

    Modular buildings from Mobile Modular can be installed either temporarily or permanently. Crafted with top-tier materials and best practices, our permanent modular structures are designed to last for decades, ensuring a lasting presence for your organization.

    Why Choose Permanent Modular Construction?

    Permanent modular buildings are typically more cost-effective to construct and install than traditional site-built projects. If you foresee a need for the space for more than five years, it's advisable to consider a permanent modular solution.

    Is A Permanent Modular Building More Expensive?

    A permanent modular building is slightly more expensive than a temporary modular building since it comes with the additional cost of foundation work. However, it eliminates the removal cost associated with a temporary building. 

    Modular Buildings for Lease

    Used Modular Buildings

    For those seeking a swift and budget-friendly space solution, Mobile Modular's used modular buildings are an excellent choice. Built with quality materials and meticulous care, these structures are designed for longevity and perform exceptionally well even when repurposed.

    Benefits of Leasing a Used Modular Building

    Leasing a used modular building is a cost-effective solution for both temporary and permanent space needs. While customization might be limited compared to new builds, our extensive inventory ensures a fit for diverse requirements.

    Temporary Modular Buildings

    Temporary modular buildings from Mobile Modular cater to a myriad of needs, from emergency housing and school overflow to disaster relief.

    Why Choose Temporary Modular Construction?

    Temporary modular buildings offer a cost-effective solution for immediate space needs. Many regions permit these structures to be placed on non-permanent foundations, further reducing installation costs.

    Modular Building Construction Process

    How Are Modular Buildings Constructed?

    1. Design: Mobile Modular's team collaborates with you to design a custom modular building tailored to your specifications. This includes determining the appropriate foundation type, securing necessary permits, and obtaining approvals from structural engineers.
    2. Construction: With the design in hand, our expert contractors initiate the module construction in a climate-controlled factory, ensuring precision and quality.
    3. Transportation and Installation: The completed module is carefully transported to the site and installed on the prepared foundation. Once utilities are connected, your modular space is ready for use.

    Can You Customize a Modular Building?

    Absolutely Mobile Modular allows for extensive customization. From layout and exterior aesthetics to specific industry-related features, you have the flexibility to design a space that truly reflects your needs.

    Benefits of Choosing a Modular Building

    Opting for modular construction with Mobile Modular offers numerous advantages:

    • Faster Timeline: Modular projects can be completed up to 50% quicker than traditional constructions.
    • Greater Savings: The efficiency of modular construction translates to significant cost savings.
    • Eco-friendly: Modular construction is environmentally friendly, minimizing waste and reducing the carbon footprint.

    Modular Construction vs. Traditional Construction

    When it comes to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality, modular construction by Mobile Modular consistently outperforms traditional methods. With minimized site disruption and faster completion times, modular construction delivers top-notch buildings in a fraction of the time.

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