Modular Construction for Sustainable Environment

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    December 3, 2015

    Modular Construction for Sustainable Environment

    Global warming and sustainability have been pertinent issues for a while now. From governments and corporations to local institutions, schools and small businesses, fulfilling our responsibility to be eco-friendly has been ingrained in the national psyche. Even in apartments and homes, ordinary citizens have started taking steps that are geared towards creating a more eco-friendly way of life. These measures are necessary because with carbon footprints getting increasingly bigger and snowcaps getting smaller, every step we take to make the environment more sustainable is welcome. Modular buildings are a more eco-friendly option compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar method, especially when you are considering temporary office space. A switch to a modular construction is a step in the right ecological direction, and here’s why.  

    The eco-friendly advantages of modular buildings

    • Controlled environment - Modular buildings are also called prefabricated buildings, and there’s a reason for that. Up to 95 percent of the construction of a modular building is completed inside a factory environment. This results in a whole host of ecological benefits. First off, the impact on the on-site environment is mitigated because no construction takes place there, and noise pollution is reduced, too, owing to the fact that construction takes place indoors.
    • Transport and material wastage - The carbon footprint from all the material transport and heavy machinery used for on-site construction is completely eliminated. Wastage is reduced because excess material from one building can easily be utilized in another, and even the debris from packaging of construction material is recycled. The lesser the time taken on the construction, the lesser the environmental impact. Because modern, automated manufacturing processes are involved, the whole process is completed a lot faster.
    • Sustainable and reusable material - The material often used by manufacturers of modular buildings is eco-friendly focused. We at Mobile Modular, can customize the interiors for you using eco-friendly material. In many of our facilities and applications we use glueless (self adhering) 100% recycled carpet tiles which hardly emit any volatile organic compounds (VOC). Because the tiles can be replaced individually we are also able to minimize waste. We also use current generation of lighting technology resulting in improved light quality and reduced energy consumption.
    • Recyclable constructions - One of the hallmarks of modular constructions is that the end result is portable buildings. This means that up to 100 percent of the construction can be taken apart and then reused in another project, unlike conventional buildings that have to be torn down (again using massive, fuel guzzling, carbon monoxide spewing machinery), and leave behind a mountain of debris that ends up in landfills.

    So, if you think global warming is a real and present danger, then switching to modular constructions is a no-brainer. We can order modular offices/classrooms for you according to your specifications. Mobile Modular specializes in customizing the space to suit your needs. We’ll even assist you with acquiring the necessary permits. Contact us now to know more about how you can extend temporary office space or classrooms.

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