Modular Construction: Not Just “Eco-Friendly”!

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    January 5, 2017

    Modular Construction: Not Just “Eco-Friendly”!

    Traditional construction and demolition projects are large sources for ecological disturbances because of the substantial amount of waste generated. The Environment Protection Agency has estimated that nearly 40 percent of the municipal solid waste stream is generated from building related construction and demolition activities.

    For this reason, many that are concerned with the effects construction has had on the environment are turning to modular construction. Every step of the modular construction process reduces waste because it adopts methods that allow for more efficiency while also allowing recycling to be incorporated into more of the building aspects. Materials used are recycled, any waste is recycled, and waste is inherently less because of the efficient process. They are also energy efficient with the advanced HVAC systems and intelligent energy management systems in place that also improve air quality.

    But did you know that the benefits of going modular extend beyond just “eco-friendly”? Read on to learn the many reasons (besides being environmentally friendly) that project managers everywhere are switching to prefabricated construction.

    Prefabricated Buildings Improve Productivity

    A survey conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction concluded the following findings:

    • 92 percent of the contractors surveyed agreed that the “ability to improve productivity” was the most significant factor that propelled the use of modular construction.
    • 70 percent of the contractors said modular buildings generate greater ROI among users.
    • 85 percent believed modular buildings offered them a competitive advantage in the business.

    It’s easy to understand why there is such a significant improvement in productivity. Modular buildings are built at an offsite location, where they are already supplied with the materials needed for construction. The efficiency of building these modular structures is then maximized in a factory setting and this cost savings is passed down to clients buying them, hence decreasing the time for the return on investment since your end result is a building that meets the same standards as traditional, longer construction methods. Being manufactured in an indoor setting means no weather delays and no waiting on resources, saving your company time and allowing projects to be completed faster. Time is money!

    Why Pay for Demolition? Mobile Buildings Are Portable! 

    Need a new building? The first step is usually demolition. If this structure is built traditionally, that means hiring a demo team and lots to clean up and throw away (contributing to that solid waste figure mentioned earlier). However, if your building is portable, all you need is a moving team. Modular buildings are constructed in sections, which can be dismantled and transported to a new location. You can even sell your used modular building afterward.

    Recycle and Save with Modular Buildings

    Yep! Modular buildings are recyclable! Recycle your building - selling it whole or in parts. Most modular construction companies and vendors offer “used modular buildings for sale.” These buildings are less expensive than brand new structures and are equally durable allowing you the option to buy used buildings.

    It is clear that not only do modular buildings have a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional construction, but they also generate long-term yield and provide a great ROI. If you are interested in environmentally friendly buildings and higher construction productivity, contact Mobile Modular for more information about our modular buildings for rent or sale, or request a quote today.  

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