Modular Daycare Buildings: A Cost-Effective Solution for Diverse Needs

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    June 30, 2023

    Modular Daycare Buildings: A Cost-Effective Solution for Diverse Needs

    Purchasing or building a daycare center for your business or community is a significant decision. You want a facility that is safe, comfortable, functional, and affordable. A modular daycare building can meet all of these criteria while also providing additional flexibility and customization options. They can also be built and delivered significantly faster than a traditional, site-built daycare center.

    Across the United States, there are various types of daycare facilities that can benefit from the advantages of modular construction.

    Who Can Benefit from a Modular Daycare Building?

    On-Site Daycares for Corporate Offices

    Many corporations are now offering on-site daycare facilities as a benefit for their employees. These facilities provide a convenient and reliable childcare solution for employees, helping to improve productivity and job satisfaction. Modular daycare buildings can easily be added to an office building or campus to provide on-site daycare for busy employees. This assists companies who are looking to accommodate their employees’ needs and provide them with childcare during their workday.

    Daycare Centers in Educational Institutions

    Educational institutions, such as universities and colleges, often provide daycare facilities for the children of students and staff. Modular daycare buildings are a perfect solution for these institutions, as they can be quickly and easily installed with minimal disruption to the campus.

    Church Child Care Buildings

    Churches and other religious organizations often provide childcare during services and other events. Modular daycare buildings can be used by these organizations to provide childcare without the need for busy and disruptive onsite construction.

    Preschool Buildings

    Because of the versatility of modular buildings, you can also make use of them to house your preschool. Mobile Modular can work with you to create a floorplan to hold as many classrooms as necessary and ensure you have space to grow.

    Community Daycare Centers

    Community centers and other public facilities often include daycare centers to serve local families. Modular daycare buildings can be a cost-effective and flexible solution for these community facilities, allowing them to provide high-quality child care services to their community.

    Frequently Asked Questions When Choosing Your Modular Daycare

    What Are the Regulations for Modular Daycares in My State?

    While most regulations for modular daycare facilities are generally consistent across states, there may be some state-specific variations in terms of building codes, licensing, and operational guidelines. Each state has its own set of requirements and regulations that need to be met before a daycare can start operations.

    To ensure your modular daycare is fully compliant, it’s vital to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations applicable in your state. This includes everything from safety measures, staffing ratios, and required amenities to accessibility features and emergency preparedness plans.

    You can access state-specific information on childcare regulations via the Administration for Children & Families site. This comprehensive resource provides detailed information and other resources specific to each state’s child care licensing. Whether you’re starting a new daycare or expanding an existing one, understanding these regulations will ensure your facility provides a safe, nurturing, and compliant environment for every child.

    Remember, compliance isn’t just about meeting the legal requirements – it’s also about providing an environment where children can thrive. By understanding and adhering to the specific regulations of your state, you can ensure that your modular daycare facility meets the highest standards of safety, care, and education.

    Can Modular Daycares Be Expanded or Relocated?

    Yes, one of the significant advantages of modular construction is its flexibility. Modular buildings are designed in such a way that they can be expanded or reduced according to the needs of the client. This means you can easily add more modules to accommodate a growing number of students or staff members in your daycare. This feature is particularly beneficial in scenarios where a sudden increase in capacity is required. It eliminates the need for extensive and disruptive on-site construction, allowing your daycare to adapt and grow along with the community’s needs.

    Traditional buildings are permanently tied to their original location, but modular buildings can be disassembled and transported to a new site if required. This can be incredibly advantageous if you ever need to move your daycare due to factors such as lease expiration, change in demographic needs, or a more favorable location becoming available.

    How Many People Will Fit Inside a Modular Daycare Building?

    The number of people that can fit inside a modular daycare building will depend on the size of the building and the layout of the interior. Larger buildings can accommodate larger classrooms and more children, but they will be more expensive than smaller buildings. Our team can work with you to design a floor plan that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

    Do You Have Modular Daycare Center Floor Plans to Fit My Needs?

    We have floor plans of modular daycare centers across a range of sizes available on our website. But if you’re purchasing a new building, your daycare center doesn’t necessarily have to stick to this structure. Our experienced team of designers would be happy to work with you to create a floor plan that matches your goals.

    Why Choose Modular Daycare Buildings?

    Faster Timelines

    With our offsite construction, you can rest assured that you will receive your modular daycare much more quickly than with traditional construction. This is because we don’t experience onsite construction delays or backups, and we have developed a systematic approach to the construction of the building.


    The efficient design and build practices of modular daycare buildings make them more affordable than traditional construction. A modular daycare can typically be completed in half the time of traditional construction, largely due to the off-site, simultaneous construction of project components which allows your students to occupy the building more quickly.

    Greener Technology

    Another advantage of modular buildings is they use less waste than traditional construction. Since modular daycare centers are built in a facility, all the best tools and materials are immediately available. Standardized building methods allow crews to use exact or near-exact materials to reduce what is thrown away. Modular construction also uses less energy and generates fewer carbon emissions.


    Mobile Modular offers a wide range of interior and exterior customization options. Our customers can choose the colors and materials of their units to match adjacent buildings. Interiors can be built with materials that are easy for staff to regularly clean and sanitize. Individual room layouts, security options, and other features can be customized when you work with our experienced design team to create a building that matches your needs.

    Examples of Mobile Modular Daycare Buildings

    E-Center Head Start

    Due to overcrowding and an increase in enrollment, E-Center, a Head Start backed daycare in Northern California, needed a solution to accommodate their growth. With time constraints and a need for minimal site disruption, they turned to modular construction for a cost and time effective, streamlined solution.

    Tri-Valley Opportunity Council

    Until 2011, the Tri-Valley Opportunity Council’s Head Start Child & Family Programs for the Sleepy Eye area were housed in the Sleepy Eye Elementary School. Eventually, the school district needed the leased space for their own programs, leaving Tri-Valley looking for a new facility. The district offered to work with Tri-Valley on the new facility by offering space on their property to house a new building for the Tri-Valley programs. Tri-Valley decided permanent modular construction would be the best option for their new facility. They applied for, and received, a Federal Grant to purchase a modular building. They then issued a formal RFP and interviewed the respondents. Our team was selected to do a turnkey permanent facility for an eight classroom building that would house infants, toddlers, and pre-school children in the Head Start program. Today, Tri-Valley still occupies the building and considers it one of their best facilities.

    Highland Park

    Highland Park Community Nursery School and Day Care Center (HP Community) was in need of a building solution that was time sensitive and budget friendly. They chose modular construction due to time, budget, and finish requirements. Our team provided a modular building with four classrooms (approximately 720 sq. ft each) with Jack & Jill bathrooms connected between each adjacent classroom.

    The building was constructed and installed to allow for future additions. The factory-built portions of the building were constructed to a 90% completion level, with finishes installed at the project site.

    Permanent Pre-school

    In 2009, a preschool in Nashville was opened to replace a daycare facility that was closed by the State of Tennessee. In 2016, a Memphis developer approached the owners to build a new school in their hometown, and they chose modular construction due to time and price. Our team was able to offer a comprehensive plan, and a committed price for the complete structure, to keep the project on schedule and within budget. The building was constructed with function and aesthetics in mind and utilized all the space for an efficient facility. The facility consists of 6 modular units with restrooms and consists of 6000 total square feet; installed permanently over a crawl space.

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