Benefits of Modular Manufacturing Buildings

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    March 20, 2023

    Benefits of Modular Manufacturing Buildings

    The manufacturing industry is all about efficiency. Operating from a modular manufacturing building is a practical way to save money while assembling products. The modular construction process occurs mainly off-site, which lowers production costs and ultimately results in savings for customers. A wide variety of modular construction perks, such as rapid deployment and expansion capabilities, can be incredibly beneficial for manufacturing companies.

    Why Use a Modular Manufacturing Building?

    Modern, Energy-Efficient Insulation

    Manufacturing companies often produce certain goods that are sensitive and require a cooler environment. Pharmaceutical products, electronic devices, and chemical agents are a few examples that can degrade or deteriorate from heat. When these manufacturing companies are paying to keep these products at a consistent temperature, having a building with decent temperature regulation is important.

    Many older manufacturing buildings have outdated and inefficient insulation, causing companies to spend more on heating and air conditioning. Modular construction technology has come a long way, and insulation techniques are more advanced than they once were. Our modular buildings are created with modern, high-quality insulation that meet International Building Code (IBC) requirements.


    A modular office building is more affordable than an office complex built with traditional construction methods. Manufacturing companies are frequently looking at assembly processes, materials, and transportation to see how they can cut costs. A modular manufacturing building is a sensible method of creating more room in a company’s budget without sacrificing quality.

    Because our construction process happens inside a factory, we don’t have to worry about the cost of transporting construction workers to the project site each day. With all the materials in one location, there are opportunities to reuse excess materials and reduce waste. The ability to have all the resources needed for construction in a convenient assembly process is what makes modular buildings less expensive to produce and more affordable for customers.

    Quicker Deployment

    If a company’s old manufacturing building has been shut down, they need immediate solutions. Rapid deployment is also needed for companies that are expanding, merging with another company, or releasing a new product line.

    Commercial modular building construction is about 30–50% faster than traditional construction, so we can deploy a modular manufacturing building for your company as soon as possible. Ordering a used modular building is among the fastest ways to acquire a manufacturing building. Rather than building a new model, we can send an available unit straight from our inventory.

    How are modular buildings created so quickly? With conventional construction, there are frequent delays in the process due to weather or other environmental issues that arise on the construction site. These problems are a non-issue with modular manufacturing buildings because the modules are constructed inside our environmentally-regulated factories.


    Modular buildings are every bit as sturdy and secure as standard manufacturing buildings. Our premium security offerings include steel door bar sets, window security screens, adjustable window security bars, tamper-resistant fasteners, and hardware to make your building difficult for outsiders to access. Mobile Modular’s security is trusted by important industries with confidential information, such as military and government organizations.

    Security is a prominent concern for many manufacturing company owners. Assembly line equipment is expensive to fix and replace, and materials need to be protected from intruders as well. Modular manufacturing buildings are the secure turnkey solution your company has been looking for.

    Open-Floor Concepts Available

    Our open-floor modular office building concepts are perfect for manufacturing companies who want to utilize a modular building for the production and assembly stage. Modular industrial buildings can be built with plenty of open floor space to fit manufacturing machinery and an assembly line. An open-floor plan enables supervisors to have a clear overview of the assembly process while workers operate.

    Modular manufacturing buildings offer sound quality and privacy as great as any standard office. In fact, modular office buildings have a better acoustic value than most traditional buildings, which is important for both quiet office spaces and loud environments like manufacturing facilities. Echoing noise from voices and machinery can be a major distraction, and distractions can compromise worker safety.

    Commercial Modular Buildings for Manufacturing

    Traditional vs. Modular Manufacturing Buildings

    Modular manufacturing facilities are best suited for manufacturers dealing with smaller components or lower production volumes. Traditional manufacturing facilities are typically constructed on a slab with open span and high ceilings, making them ideal for large operations with heavy machinery. Modular manufacturing facilities, on the other hand, are anchored to concrete or ABS pad foundations, resulting in lower floor load requirements than traditional structures. Ceiling height for typical modular manufacturing buildings is also limited to 8.5 feet.

    Although larger manufacturing companies may not be able to use modular buildings for their assembly lines, they can always turn to modular construction for office buildings. Additionally, smaller production lines may be able to utilize custom modular buildings to ensure ample space for their machines. They can also take advantage of accessibility features to ensure easy transportation of materials or finished products.

    Modular Manufacturing Office Complexes

    Any manufacturing company will need a manufacturing office for the administrative tasks involved in running the business and handling logistics. Our modular offices range in size and adhere to strict modular building codes and regulations. Modular workstations with customization options can be designed for your company with sectioned-off cubicles or rooms for each team member. Floor plans can also be created with individual rooms for privacy during conference calls.

    Our modular office buildings also come with the convenience of optional furniture add-ons with Mobile Modular Plus. Customers can order file storage cabinets, water coolers, desks, cubicles, and other necessities and receive their items at the same time as their building. The level of efficiency we offer as a multi-solution company at Mobile Modular cannot be matched by other modular building companies.

    Modular Production Sites

    Whether your manufacturing company creates car parts, clothes, toys, or anything in between, a modular manufacturing facility is the perfect place to do so. Manufacturing companies that anticipate business growth can benefit from the expansion possibilities of modular construction.

    Modular buildings are designed to be expanded with modules that fit together seamlessly. Rather than buying or leasing an entirely new building when your manufacturing needs to grow, you are able to expand your modular building and avoid the hassle of moving production sites.

    As a modular building manufacturing company, we are in the industry of manufacturing ourselves. We know that innovative and practical solutions are important. That’s why we’ve optimized our construction process with off-site modular techniques to be cost-effective, making affordable buildings possible.

    Get Started with Creating a Modular Manufacturing Facility

    Is your manufacturing company in need of a new facility or office? A modular manufacturing building could be in your future. Reach out to us to get started on a modular building construction project, and we’ll provide you with a cost estimate. Carry out your manufacturing processes in a modular manufacturing facility, and you’ll find yourself wondering why you’d ever want to go back to traditional construction again.

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