Choosing Temporary Office Space For Your Business

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    May 18, 2023

    Choosing Temporary Office Space For Your Business

    While coffee shops and restaurants can be popular places for collaborative work, they aren’t the most conducive environments for focus and communication. It can also be a challenge trying to share your work and meeting space with another group.

    A temporary office space is a flexible, convenient, and affordable solution for organizations that need a comfortable place to work and collaborate.

    The Benefits Of A Temporary Work Space

    Working in a designated office space definitely has its benefits, but it may not always make financial sense to sign a long-term lease on an office. A temp office space can provide a workspace in a way that fits with your company’s budget. Mobile Modular offers a range of leasing options, including short-term and long-term leases, to be flexible to our clients’ needs.

    A temporary office space gives your team a quiet atmosphere where they can easily talk with each other—and hear their colleagues over Zoom. A temporary office is also a professional place to bring current or potential clients for meetings. Additionally, short-term offices can include storage space for files, technology, or personal belongings.

    Why Choose A Modular Temp Office Space?

    A modular office can supply all the benefits of a traditional office while also being placed in a nearby location and moved wherever it is needed. 

    Modular offices are not bound to a piece of real estate and are delivered to the property of your choice.

    A high-quality modular office will come with reliable security features, comfortable heating and air conditioning, and amenities such as lights, windows, and electrical outlets.

    Where To Rent Temporary Office Space

    Mobile Modular has a large stock of portable offices available for lease, which allows our clients to choose an option that will work best for them. Some of our offices include bathrooms, break rooms, storage areas, and multiple entries.

    Temporary Office Rental Options

    We work with clients in a wide range of industries, and we’ve designed our leasing options to be flexible and affordable. Reach out to our staff to find the right solution for your business.

    Turnkey Office Solutions

    Mobile Modular customers can save time and money for their temporary office space by leasing furnishings through Mobile Modular Plus. We offer desks, tables, chairs, filing cabinets, beverage solutions, air filtration systems, and other features. That way, you won’t have to spend time and resources buying and then moving your furniture into your workspace.

    We offer products and services that allow you to be ready on day one, so you can focus on what you do best and let us do the rest.

    Purchasing Temporary Office Space

    Leasing isn’t the only option for businesses looking for a portable office space. Mobile Modular also has new offices available for sale. They are popular with construction companies, mining operations, and other organizations that can make continuous use of an office but need to move it around from time to time.

    When you purchase a new modular building from Mobile Modular, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our professional team to design and customize the building to match your needs.

    Who Might Use A Short-Term Office Space?

    Events Organizers And Entertainers

    People in the entertainment industry need spaces to work and plan events. For instance, Mobile Modular provided temporary office space for the administrative and support staff of Cirque du Soleil. During their three-month event in Atlanta, Cirque du Soleil’s accounting, security, and technical staff had a professional work area that was immediately adjacent to the event space.

    Seasonal Businesses

    For companies that do most of their business in just a few months out of a year, temporary office spaces are the perfect fit for their business model. Organizations that host outdoor events, rent recreational vehicles, sell fireworks, or host farmers markets can make excellent use of a modular temporary office that can be removed when it’s not in use.

    Remote And Hybrid Companies

    While the move to remote and hybrid work environments has been beneficial in many respects, a few organizations are finding that something is lost without some in-person contact. Many employees miss the relationship building that comes with in-person work, and the energy and motivation that being in the same room as your coworker can give you. However, some organizations have been unable to return to fully in-person work due to hiring employees who are not local to the office.

    A temporary office space can give staff the opportunity to meet, plan, and collaborate in a shared space. This enables employees to have the time and space they need to build relationships that will continue on into in-person work.

    Government Agencies And Nonprofits

    After a natural disaster such as a hurricane or fire occurs, government agencies and nonprofits need temporary office spaces that they can use to respond to the emergency, assist victims, and coordinate cleanup and construction crews. A modular office can be moved and deployed quickly to provide a safe environment for staff and victims. They also have spaces that can double as medical examination rooms, sleeping areas, or other functions depending on the need.

    Construction Companies

    Portable office spaces are especially popular on construction job sites. Construction workers can use them to meet and plan the next steps in their work day. Break rooms in temporary office spaces also give staff the opportunity to rest and recharge in a comfortable and climate-controlled environment.

    Organizations Undergoing Renovation

    When your current offices are undergoing construction or renovation, your employees need an office to continue working so they don’t fall behind. A modular building can serve as a temporary swing space so that your employees don’t miss a beat and are able to make a seamless transition between working environments.

    Temporary Office Solutions From Mobile Modular

    Ready to start planning for your temporary office space? Reach out to the staff at Mobile Modular to find a flexible and affordable solution for your business.

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